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Access to Success

Brief Introduction to ACCESS to Success

ACCESS to Success is our campus blueprint to enhance access to UWM while, at the same time, promoting greater student success. It’s a blueprint that combines the recommendations of the Enrollment Management Steering Committee with those of the Milwaukee Commitment. Together, the initial goals of ACCESS to Success are to:

  • Build a pool of diverse, high-achieving applicants, admits, and enrolled students.
  • Increase first-year retention and performance of all freshmen.
  • Decrease the gap in first-year retention and performance between students of color and majority students.
  • Decrease the gap in first-year retention and performance between students placing in remedial courses and those who don’t require remedial work.

For ACCESS to Success to be a success, the entire UWM community must embrace its goals and actions. A comprehensive blueprint that addresses enrollment management, achievement, retention, and diversity through a continuum starting with recruitment and culminating in graduation has been developed.

A2S Beyond the First Year Summit: February 2015

Removing Obstacles to Student Success

Assessment of ACCESS to Success Initiatives

Matrix on ACCESS to Success/Milwaukee Commitment Initiatives: January 2007 Update on Activities


Become a Mentor

The UWM Freshman Mentoring Network is a collaborative, university-wide program that introduces each participating new freshman to an existing UWM student, faculty, or staff member. (more)

First Year Transition Courses Faculty Training Information
UWM's Center for Instructional and Professional Development (CIPD) holds an annual retreat for faculty and academic staff who teach Freshman Seminar or other First Year Transition courses. (more)

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