Conference Organizers

Speaker Bios

Ackbar Abbas
Chinese Cities: Design and Disappearance

Sherry Ahrentzen
Stealth Sustainability and Housing Practices

Robert Bruegmann
Global Sprawl

Georgia Butina Watson
The Art of Place-Making

Tim Ehlinger
Sustainable Development in Romania

Bob Greenstreet
Milwaukee in Focus

Alfonso Iracheta
Sustainable City: Crisis and Opportunity in Mexico

Andrew Kincaid
From “The Dead” to the Dead: The Disposable Bodies and Disposable Culture of Contemporary Dublin Noir

Paula J. Massood
Imagining a Promised Land: (The Historical Precedents of) Recent African American Films Set in Harlem

Linda McCarthy
Questioning Unsustainable Competition for Corporate Investment in a Global Economy

Robert Neuwirth
System D: The Extroverted City

Saskia Sassen
Annual L&S Dean’s Humanities Lecture - The World’s Third Spaces: Neither Global nor National

Christine Scott Thomson
Laboratory for Responsive Urbanism: Sustainable Development Strategies for Small Communities with an Inter-Cultural Focus

Stephanie Smith
Sustainable Art in Urban Territories

John Urry
The City and Car Futures

Charles Waldheim
Planning, Ecology, and the Emergence of Landscape

Jennifer Wolch
UWM Department of Geography's Harold Mayer Lecture Series - Climate Change and the
Carbon Hoofprint of Cities

Mo Zell
Northeastern University Veterans Memorial: An Urban University’s Role in Creating
the Public Realm Through a Single Architectural Gesture

Moderator Bios

A. Aneesh
Moderator: Cocooning, Mobilities

Nancy Frank
Moderator: Urban Place-Making

Lane Hall
Moderator: Sustainable Art

Ghada Masri
Moderator: Global Economic Pressures

Tasha G. Oren
Moderator: The Disappeared, the Dispossessed

Kristin Ruggiero
Moderator: Sustainable Development

Arijit Sen
Moderator: Envisioning the Urban