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  • Presentation of the Comprehensive Mathematics Framework (CMF) and overview of the MMP at the MPA Board of Directors retreat by DeAnn Huinker (PI), Henry Kranendonk (Co-PI), Henry Kepner, and Richard O’Malley, August 19, 2003.
  • Presentation of the MMP grant and the formation of the IHE Network at NPRIME meetings (Networking Project for the Improvement of Mathematics Education, statewide project of individuals involved mathematics teacher preparation).
  • Statistics institute is held for MPS teachers, August 18-22, 2003.

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  • Announcement of $20 million dollar award from the National Science Foundation for the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership.
  • Milwaukee Partnership Academy (MPA) Press conference at Zablocki Elementary School; TV news segments announcing grant award (TMJ4, FOX 6 WITJ, WISN 12, CBS-58).
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel MMP news story, UWM Web site announcement of MMP, September 2003.
  • Presentation of the CMF and alignment of the CMF to classroom practice in two UWM ESEA projects, the Mathematics Mentoring and Leadership project and the Mathematics and Science Beginning Teacher Project, ongoing since September 2003.
  • Mathematics learning targets, developed in the spring and summer of 2003, are disseminated to schools; posters of grade level targets are displayed in every MPS classroom; grade level brochures sent to parents.
  • The MPA Board of Directors added DeAnn Huinker (PI) as a voting member.
  • Mathematics Teaching Specialists positions have been defined, recruited, interviewed, and selected by a joint MPS, MTEA, UWM search committee. The specialists selected are Pandora Bedford, Janis Freckmann, Rosann Hollinger, Beth Schefelker, and Lois Womack. 

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  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel series of articles highlighting mathematics education, October 5-8, 2003.
  • Mathematics Teacher Leaders are identified at elementary and middle schools throughout the district and become members of each school’s learning team.
  • High schools designated three Mathematics Teacher Leaders—the mathematics department chairperson, the ninth grade initiative leader, and the assessment leader. At least one will join the school’s learning team.
  • Steering Committee has been formed and begins meeting regularly. Members include DeAnn Huinker (PI, UWM), Henry Kranendonk (Co-PI, MPS), Kim Farley (Co-PI, MATC), Kevin McLeod (Co-PI, UWM), Dan Donder (MPS, Director of the Office of Strategic Planning), Pat Ellis (MPS Acting Chief Academic Officer), Kathy Swope (MPS, Director of Teaching and Learning), Dave Ruszkiewicz (MATC), Henry Kepner (UWM), Richard O’Malley (UWM).
  • The UWM mathematics minor program sheet for prospective elementary/middle school teachers was revised through joint discussion of mathematics faculty and mathematics education faculty.
  • UWM and MATC began collaboration on revision of the foundational content courses in mathematics for prospective PK–8 teachers. Tom Geil at MATC, Henry Kepner and Bob Moore at UWM begin process of new course development at MATC, Math 275 Mathematics for Elementary Education Teachers. This course is a counterpart to the existing Math 175 at UWM.
  • MPS holds follow-up session to the August AP statistics institute for MPS teachers.

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  • UWM Report news story on the MMP, November 2003.
  • WUWM Milwaukee Ideas radio show on the MMP with an interview of D. Huinker and H. Kepner.
  • District Mathematics Specialists participated in sessions sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to provide input on the development of the new 2005 state test in mathematics for grades 3–8 and 10.
  • Learning Team Professional Development Training seminars were held the week of November 10, 2003. Sessions included curriculum alignment, school educational plans, and the Comprehensive Mathematics Framework.
  • Meeting with MPS superintendent, Mr. Andrekopoulos, Mathematics Teaching Specialists, UWM representatives, and other district leadership.
  • Teacher-In-Residence (TIR) positions posted. TIRs will be teachers on special assignment at UWM to assist in mathematics teacher program.

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  • Presentation of the MMP accomplishments and planned activities at the MPA Board of Directors meeting by DeAnn Huinker (PI), Henry Kranendonk (Co-PI), and the Mathematics Teaching Specialists—Janis Freckmann, Lois Womack, Rosann Hollinger, Beth Schefelker, Pandora Bedford, December 19, 2003.
  • UWM mathematics and mathematics education faculty attend High School Mathematics Department chair meetings.
  • The Mathematics Teacher Leader Kickoff meeting was held December 4, 2003, and was attended by approximately 170 Mathematics Teacher Leaders and 30 principals. Speakers included:  Mr. Andrekopoulos, Dr. Huinker, Dr. Kepner, and Mr. Kranendonk.
  • Math Teaching Specialist, Beth Schefelker, became a member of the MPA Implementation Team and a member of workgroup 3 on teacher and principal quality.

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  • Joint Literacy Coach – Mathematics Teacher Leader seminar on January 20 and 21, 2004. Literacy coaches joined the Mathematics Teacher Leaders at this meeting to gain a better understanding of the CMF, understand the connections in their work to the MMP and develop a collaboration plan for working together to improve mathematics at their school. (152 Mathematics Teacher Leaders attended, 128 literacy coaches.)
  • Discussion session on Mathematics Wars or Struggles was facilitated by H. Kranendonk at the January 2004 monthly principal’s meeting. 
  • David Ruszkiewicz was hired in January 2004 as MATC’s Math Coordinator.
  • Professional development seminars in mathematics for new K-5 teachers were held in January 2004.  Approximately 170 new teachers attended the full-day grade-level seminars. Sessions focused on the CMF, grade-level learning targets, Thinking with Numbers program on basic fact strategies and problem solving, and classroom-based assessments.
  • An organizational meeting of high school teacher math leaders from both the district high schools and the community and diversified high schools was held. The new committee is now called the “Ninth Grade Initiative Committee” and is beginning to develop a mission statement, goals to increase student achievement for ninth grade students, and long term plans for implementation.
  • Jan. 23, 2004 -D. Huinker, R. O’Malley, and H. Kepner present MMP, the new problem solving course and the collaborative design team approach for preparation of K-12 teachers at the 8th Annual Conference of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in San Diego.
  • Tom Geil (MATC) observed and team-taught Math 176 at UWM with Bob Moore during the spring 2004 semester in preparation to teach Math 276 at MATC in Spring 2005.

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  • Administrator Lenses on Learning Class (Feb–March 2004) through the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee examined classroom practice aligned to the CMF and deepened participants’ own mathematics by unpacking learning targets.
  • The MPA workgroup on comprehensive literacy was expanded to include mathematics. The workgroup is co-chaired by DeAnn Huinker (PI) and Kathy Swope, MPS Director of Teaching and Learning. Membership of the committee is expanded to include Mathematics Specialists (Henry Kranendonk, Janis Freckmann), mathematics Teachers-In-Residence (Dan Lotesto, Sharonda Harris), mathematicians (Richard O’Malley, UWM; Dave Ruszkiewicz, MATC), and mathematics educators (Henry Kepner).
  • The initial meeting of the IHE Network coordinating committee met on February 24, 2004.  Members attending represented UWM, MATC, Alverno College, Marquette University, and UW-Waukesha.
  • David Ruszkiewicz (MATC) met with MATC Testing Center personnel, guidance counselors and student support specialists to discuss use of ALEKS or Academic Systems as preparation tools for students preparing to take the math placement test prior to enrollment at MATC.
  • MATC’s Office of Articulation held meetings to discuss alignment of MPS high school courses with MATC courses to promote articulation.  Mathematics was one of the areas discussed for alignment.
  • Mathematics Teachers-in-Residence (TIR) positions have been defined, recruited, interviewed, and selected by a joint MPS, MTEA, MATC, UWM search committee. They include Sharonda Harris, Melissa Hedges, Dan Lotesto, and Bernard Rahming. These individuals will be on special assignment at UWM beginning February 2004 and will be working collaboratively with mathematics faculty and mathematics education faculty in the teacher preparation program.
  • UWM offered the Problem Solving course for pre-service teachers during the spring semester.
  • The 9th Grade workshop, held February 12th, was offered for new math teachers at the middle school level.
  • TIR Bernard Rahming and MTS Rosann Hollinger attended the NSF sponsored seminar Dynamic Classroom Assessment offered in Naperville, IL, February 4-6, 2004.
  • During the week of February 16, 2004, school learning teams consisting of the principal, the literacy coach, and the Math Teacher Leaders attended a full day seminar on the MMP, educational plans, unpacking the Learning Targets, and interpretation of data from state assessments. These seminars were conducted by the MPS Math Teaching Specialists. 135 schools sent representatives consisting of 80 principals and 481 teachers and other staff members.
  • CUTEP personnel participated in two open houses at MATC in February (MPS students) and March 2004 (general public) to recruit students to CUTEP program.

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MARCH 2004

  • Dr. Kepner and the TIRs attended the annual MEET conference, at UW-Waukesha and presented information about the CMF and MMP.
  • H. Kranendonk and D. Huinker meet with the MPS Superintendent Andrekopoulos and other MPS administration to discuss a vision for mathematics proficiency for the district.
  • Dr. Huinker and TIR Melissa Hedges made a presentation on the MMP to the UWM Dean’s Council for Partnerships for Education, March 11, 2004.
  • On March 15th MPS held a kickoff for the Assessment leaders and all MMP partners.
  • On March 24th, the Math Teacher Specialists and the Teachers in Training participated in the first Leadership Institute.  The purpose of the Learning Institute is to support the success of the MTSs and the TIRs in leadership roles by promoting their professional growth as mathematics educator leaders.
  • David Ruszkiewicz and Henry Kepner presented at the CUTEP Spring Information Session recruiting students to a math focus on March 24.
  • Janis Freckmann, DeAnn Huinker, and the other Math Teaching Specialists facilitated an online discussion chat on March 30 with the staff of Hi-Mount elementary school on mathematical communication. About 25 staff members were engaged in the session.
  • Gary Luck has accepted the position of Mathematics Education Lecturer at UWM.  He will serve as the coordinator for the Math 175/176 courses being revised by a MMP design team.
  • Math Teaching Specialists (MTS) attended school based learning team meetings from their assigned cohorts to support the work of the learning team embedded in the school action plan.
  • MTSs facilitate meetings at cohort schools; faculty meetings, grade level meetings, banking days to help teachers understand the CMF and learning targets.
  • MTSs attend monthly district Teaching and Learning meetings to share, inform, and connect the work of the MMP; learning targets and assessments with other curriculum departments.
  • David Ruszkiewicz (MATC), Richard O’Malley and Eric Key (UWM) have created arithmetic and algebra placement exams to be used with targeted MPS schools.  Richard and Eric continue to work on developing an on-line edition of the placement exam.
  • A mathematics center was established within CUTEP, including two tutors specifically hired to assist CUTEP students with mathematics, as well as preparation for the mathematics portion of the PPST.
  • Two CUTEP math interns were placed in MPS schools, one in 9th grade algebra at Town of Lake High School and the other at Sarah Scott Middle School.
  • TIR Bernard Rahming becomes a member of the MPA Workgroup #2, Family Literacy and Tutoring.
  • David Ruszkiewicz, MATC, worked with teachers at Bradley Tech High School on a pilot program to prepare students to take a college mathematics placement exam.  Less than 5% of the tested students passed an Accuplacer exam in arithmetic. 10 minutes of class time, three times a week, was designated for non-calculator arithmetic/pre-algebra work.
  • Mini workshop on unpacking learning targets written by district math specialists disseminated at March math teacher leader meeting. This scripted workshop provided math teacher leaders activities and strategies to work with their school staffs in understanding the mathematical ideas embedded in learning targets. 

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APRIL 2004

  • An inservice for MPS K-8 staff and guidance counselors was given on AP courses and AP exams on April 27.  At this meeting, TIR Dan Lotesto presented information on AP Calculus.
  • TIR Melissa Hedges presented MMP to a group of 60+ student teachers working with Dr. Longwell Grice, at UWM.
  • Ninth Grade Initiative group is meeting and has started prioritizing ideas.  Miriam Clifford is visiting school sited to identify strengths and needs.
  • Richard O’Malley, Eric Key, and David Ruszkiewicz are meeting regularly to explore resurrecting the EMPT (UW-System Early Mathematics Placement Testing program) or other sanctioned diagnostics. They are designing a flyer for incoming freshmen to introduce them to the Math Placement Enhancement Program to encourage new students to retake their math placement exam after some work on ALEKS.
  • MPS Human Resources has identified the early hiring of teachers with a 400 Mathematics license as a priority.  Offers have already been made, a change from the usual policy of waiting until late summer.  A look at the certifications and needs of the schools through the MMP grant encouraged this policy change.
  • D. Huinker and H. Kepner were external reviewers of the assessments created by the NSF supported DTMAS Project at the University of Louisville.  These diagnostic teacher assessments will be used by teacher education programs and school districts to study changes in teacher knowledge, evaluation tools and professional development effectiveness. 

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MAY 2004

  • Through the MPS subaward, many of the Math Teacher Leaders attend the Wisconsin Math Council Annual Meeting, May 5-7.
  • A networking session was held for Math Teacher Leaders May 6th at the Wisconsin Math Council Annual Meeting co-sponsored by the MMP and McGraw-Hill Publishers.  During the session MTLs were updated on the grant, thanked for their work, and given time to network.
  • MMP staff presented a session on “Addressing the Challenge of the Mathematics Teacher’s Need to Know: The Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership”, at Wisconsin Math Council Annual Meeting.  Staff presenters included H. Kepner, D. Huinker, H. Kranendonk, R. O’Malley, S. Harris, B. Rahming, and M. Hedges.
  • The High School Assessment Committee has met regularly throughout the year to unpack the mathematics learning targets at the foundation levels.
  • The MPA Literacy and Mathematics Showcase and Conference highlighted the MMP. The Math Teaching Specialists, some Math Teacher Leaders, principals, and the Teachers-in-Residence facilitated sessions on mathematics.  Topics covered were: Literature and Mathematics: The Natural Connection; When Alarming, but Intriguing, Data Speaks: Are We Ready to Listen?; Mathematics: Basic Facts; The Math Wars;  Building Capacity in Mathematics—A Paired Partnership that Works; and Calculator Usage.
  • The UWM Mathematics Department started discussions about designating a classroom for the revised Math 175/176 course with tables for cooperative group work and storage for manipulatives and needed materials.
  • May 2004, Gary Luck was hired to coordinate the Math 175/176 course and meeting began with UWM and MATC personnel to prepare and pilot the course. H. Kepner will assist with the pilot and it expected that others who will teach the course in the fall will be observing the class and contributing to the curriculum design.
  • TIR Bernard Rahming presented session “Calling all Scientists and Mathematicians” with Laty Keodouangsy from UWM’s Department of Curriculum & Instruction at the 6th Annual Urban Teacher World Conference, held May 13, to encourage high school students to become teachers.
  • Collaborative conversations with Center for Proficiency in Teaching Mathematics program began on May 11, 2004 in a teleconference between Pat Wilson and DeAnn Huinker. 
  • Hank Kepner and Melissa Hedges participated in the Center for Proficiency in Teaching Mathematics seminar at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, on June 5-12, 2004.
  • UWM Mathematics faculty members O’Malley and Key are working with MATC coordinator Ruszkiewicz on analyzing data from ACT, WKCE, and Aleks  and comparing with math placement practices.  They are planning meetings with MPS personnel to relate their findings and to offer supports for new students.
  • The Spring 2004 issue of the UWM EdLine contained an article highlighting the goals of the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership grant.

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JUNE 2004

  • UWM piloted the Discrete Probability and Statistics course for pre-service math minor students during the summer session.
  • MPS and UWM offered a course on Content-Focused Coaching and Leadership in Mathematics for K-5 teachers June 18 and 21-25, with sessions continuing through the school year.  This course focuses on developing coaching skills to facilitate collegial conversations in mathematics at the school level. 
  • MPS offers math sessions during the MPS Principal Institute with the Learning Teams, June 28 – July 2.
  • The PRAXIS II exam is given June 12 to Elementary/Middle School and Early Childhood majors.  TIRs  S. Harris and B. Rahming also take the exam.  On June 16th a debriefing session was be held co-sponsored by MMP and TNE.
  • Joint meeting of MPA, MMP and TNE(Carnegie Teachers for a New Era) Steering Committees were held June 3-4.
  • The initial meeting of the High School Foundation Levels Proficiency Project was held June 9.  An Assessment Moderation Team will be formed and meet once a month to address how teachers are assessing and tracking student proficiency toward the learning targets grades 9-10.  Participants will take the WKCE 10th grade exam this summer as the basis for beginning project work.
  • At the June Math Teacher Leader meeting, leaders worked to understand and interpret data from the WKCE. Data was examined across student sub groups and over multiple years. This session was designed to equip the MTL with the skills to support their school learning team on interpreting their school data.
  • At the June Principals Institute Learning Teams started the process of alignment of their mathematics goals with the CMF and learning targets into their educational plans.
  • Informational memo sent to all schools at end of school year to inform principals and math teacher leaders of the work completed in Year One of the MMP. This informational memo was also shared with the MPA to receive support for year one and two of the MMP.
  • Learning team training was held.  MPS Research and Accountability department focused schools on using school data from the WKCE and Terra Nova to identify strengths and challenges of student achievement. Data from this work begins the process of the needs assessment section in the school educational plan.
  • A Principal Institute is planned for June 28th – July 2nd  for principals and school Learning Teams, “Building and Sustaining a Professional Development Community”. Sessions presented at the institute include connecting District Learning Targets and the State Mathematics Framework.  A panel of leaders from six schools present and discuss strategies implemented at their school to engage teachers with the CMF and learning targets.
  • Dick Stockbridge and Bernard Rahming (UWM) with assistance from David Ruszkiewicz (MATC) have completed a course outcome summary for a course on discrete probability and statistics for K-8 Math Focus students.  The new course is piloted in the 2004 summer session at UWM.

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JULY 2004

  • UWM offered three different 1 credit courses for MPS teachers to develop their skills in mathematics.  Two sessions of Data Analysis. Probability, and Statistics, for grade 6-12 teachers will be offered Aug 9-13.  Sections for teachers of grades K, 1-2, and 3-5 will be offered on Numbers and Computation Development, July 19-23.  A section on Communication and Reasoning in Mathematics, July 26-29, will be offered for K-8 teachers.
  • A 3 credit course, Instructional Leadership for Administrators, was held the week of July 12 – 16. This course focus included equipping administrators with skills that enable them to have conversations with staff on the teaching and learning of mathematics and aligning classroom practice with learning targets, the CMF and state specifications.

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  • MMP Web site is released: www.mmp.uwm.edu
  • August 16-17, 2004 – The IHE Network Kick-Off Conference held at Alverno College, Milwaukee, co-sponsored by the MMP and NPRIME. The theme of the conference was “What is the Mathematical Knowledge Needed of Teaching”.  The sessions will focus on developing mathematics and mathematics methods for preparing teachers consistent with the MET report and other parallel initiatives, issues related to education mathematics majors and minors, transitions and connections, placement testing and support. Over 60 IHE Network members participated.
  • August 24-25, 2004 - The two-day Math Teacher Leader Summer Leadership Institute held at Bradley Tech High School.

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