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The Partnership embraces four major goals in order to improve student achievement:

  • Comprehensive Mathematics Framework: Implement and utilize the Comprehensive Mathematics Framework to lead a collective vision of deep learning and quality teaching of challenging mathematics across the Milwaukee Partnership. Strategies include PK-12 student Learning Targets and Model Performance Assessments, alignment of high school coursework with college expectations, and increased enrollment and success in challenging mathematics courses, including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate mathematics courses.
  • Distributed Leadership: Institute a distributed mathematics leadership model that engages all partners and is centered on school-based professional learning communities. Strategies include Math Teacher Leaders, school-based Learning Team, Principal Mathematics Leadership endeavor, and district mathematics leadership.
  • Teacher Learning Continuum: Build and sustain the capacity of teachers, from initial preparation through induction and professional growth, to understand mathematics deeply and use that knowledge to improve student learning. Strategies include the IHE Mathematics Network; Design Teams focused on core mathematical preparation for all PK-8 teachers, an elementary mathematics minor, and a secondary mathematics capstone course; teachers on special assignment as Teachers-In-Residence at the university; teacher recruitment; content-focused induction; and school-based professional learning communities.
  • Student Learning Continuum: Ensure all students, PK-16, have access to, are prepared and supported for, and succeed in challenging mathematics. Strategies include School Educational Plans, mathematics alignment for the Tutoring and Family Literacy Initiative, and Transitioning to College Mathematics effort .
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