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The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Public Schools, and the Milwaukee Area Technical College comprise the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership. As a member of the Milwaukee Partnership Academy, a community-wide collaborative PK-16 effort among school, university, union, government, business, and community organizations, the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership seeks to substantially improve mathematics achievement for the 100,000 K-12 Milwaukee Public Schools students.

The Partnership involves mathematics faculty and mathematics educators in collaboration with PK-12 educators in strengthening district curricula, student assessment measures, and re-designing pre-service and in-service teacher preparation focused on the needs of an urban district. Through this Partnership, the Institutions of Higher Education Mathematics Network, consisting of 2- and 4-year colleges and universities, will be established to focus on the mathematical preparation and continued growth of PK-12 teachers and to improve the transition of students to post secondary education.


The Partnership embraces four major goals in order to improve student achievement:

  • Comprehensive Mathematics Framework
  • Distributed Leadership
  • Teacher Learning Continuum
  • Student Learning Continuum
Ultimately, the Partnership will collect evidence of what is working, why, where, and for whom related to three major domains: Student Learning, Teacher Learning, and Collective Vision and Leadership for Mathematics. This includes measures of the degree to which a true effective partnership was established and identification of the defining attributes of such a partnership.
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