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Academic Coach - Mathematics Meetings

This page contains information distributed at the 2012-2013 "Academic Coach - Mathematics " Meetings. Click on the links below to learn more.

October 5, 2012 Meeting

Flyer [Word]

ACM Feedback [Word]

Meeting Agenda [Word]

Coaching - Jeopardy [PPT]

Coaching - Listening Handouts [Word]

Content - ACM Professional Practice [Word]

Content - ACM Properties Addition-Subtraction [PPT]

Grade Band Conversation Template [Word]

Leadership - 3 types of paraphrase [Word]


October 26, 2012 Meeting

Meeting Agenda [Word]

ACM Feedback [Word]

Content Properties integers [PPT]

Assessment [PPT]

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November 2, 2012 Meeting

Flyer [PDF]

Agenda [PDF]

Feedback [PDF]

Content Pillar

Multiplication...Say What? [PPT]

Formative Assessment Pillar

What Is It, Where Is It, and How Do I Know I Have Found It? [PPT]

Formative Assessment Note taking Guide handout [PPT]

Leadership Pillar

Coaching Conversation: Paraphrasing [PPT]

Coaching Scenario [Word]

Being a Leader Around Teaching and Learning [PPT]

The Critical Role of High Quality Instruction article [Word]

High Quality Instruction Note Taking template [Word]

High Quality Instruction Poster template [Word]

November 16, 2012 Meeting

Flyer [PDF]

Agenda [Word] coming soon

Feedback [Word] coming soon

Content Pillar

Seeing the Big Picture Through the Distributive Property [PPT]

Standards Progression Middle Years note taking template [Word]

Standards Progression Middle Years answer key [Word]

Progression Growth of Multiplication and Distributive Property note taking template [Word]

Progression Growth of Multiplication and Distributive Property answer key [Word]

Distributive Property article [PDF]

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December 7, 2012 Meeting

Flyer [PDF]

Agenda [PDF]

Feedback [PDF]

December 7 Professional Practice [Word]

Content Pillar

Opposites Attract! Operating with Integers [PPT]

Progression: Growth of Integers template [Word]

Formative Assessment Pillar

Making Learning Visible: What Works Best? power point [PPT]

Six Factors Influencing Student Achievement Graph Oranizer [Word]

Visible Learning A Synthesis of over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement handout [Word]

Leadership Pillar

Teaching and Learning In Action power point [PPT]


December 21, 2012 Meeting

Flyer [PDF]

Agenda [PDF]

Feedback [PDF]

December 21st Professional Practice [PDF]

Content Pillar

Did someone say rules? What Rules?powerpoints [PPT]

Integer Statement Cards [Word]

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February 1, 2013 Meeting

Flyer (Feb ACM pdf) [PDF]

Agenda [PDF]

Feedback [PDF]

Professional Practice [PPT]

Content Pillar

Fraction Equivalency, Is it Easier Than it Sound? power point [PPT]

Interpretation Guide of Fraction Equivalence [Word]

Closest to Half [Word]

Leadership Pillar

Learning Focused Coaching Conversation power point [PPT]

Coaching Questions handout [PDF]

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Feb 8, 2013 Meeting

Agenda [PDF]

Feedback [PDF]

Common Core Across the States

Common Core Across the State powerpoint

Think Aloud Session

Think Aloud power point [PPT]

Think Aloud note taking [Word]

Think Aloud Strategy [PDF]

Sub Sandwich math task [Word]

Analyzing Student Work Protocol Session

Protocol for Analyzing Student Work power point [PPT]

MMP Protocol: Analyzing and Learning from Student Work [PDF]

Recording Sheet for MMP Protocol: Analyzing and Learning from Student Work [Word]

Grade Level Meeting Idea Session

Grade Level Planning Meeting power point [PPT]

Monthly Planning handout [Word]

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Feb 15, 2013 Meeting

Flyer [PDF]

Agenda [PDF]

Feedback [PDF]

Professional Practice [PDF]

Personal Reflection

Goal Setting worksheet [Word]

Content Pillar

Apply and Extend Previous Understanding to Operate with Fractions [PPT]

Interpretation Guide Addition/Subtraction of Fractions [Word]

Leadership Pillar

Differentiation in Practice [PPT]

Differentiation Open Questions Sorting Activity Recording Template [Word]

Open Questions sorting Cards [PPT]

Assessment Pillar

Learning Intention and Success Criteria? Where are We Now? [PPT]

Learning Intention Activity template [Word]

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March 8 ACM meeting

Agenda [PDF]

Feedback  [PDF]

The Common Core-Stage 2: the Curriculum session
An Overview of the High School Conceptual Categories [Word]

Standards for Mathematical Practice Session
Standards for Mathematical Practice power point [PPT]

Talk Moves: Using Math Talk to Help Students Learn session
Talk Moves power point [PPT]
Talk Moves note-taking template [Word]

Examining ACM/Teacher Cohort Teams session
Examining ACM/Teacher Cohort Teams power point [PPT
Training for the Masses Math Lib [Word]

Template for Planning session
Template for Planning power point [PPT]
Lesson Planning around Student Goals [Word] or [PDF]

Math Intervention Ideas session
Math Intervention Ideas power point [PPT]

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March 15 ACM Meeting

General Files

Assessment session

Leadership session

  • Leadership power point [PPT]
  • Bloom Revised Math [PDF]
  • Developing Effective Questions [Word]
  • Developing Math Thinking [PDF]
  • Instructional Design with Differentiation planning template [Word]
  • Questioning Stategies [PPT]
  • Teaching and Learning Principle Outlined [Word]

Content Session

  • Content HO [Word]
  • Equivalent Fractions [Word]
  • Multiplication Situations power point [PPT]
  • Multiplication Situation Cards [Word]

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April ACM Meetings, April 12 & 26, 2013


April Math-At-A-Glance [PDF]

April ACM Flyer [PDF]


April 12 ACM meeting


Multiplication of fractions [PPT]

content CABS [Word]

Content problems for sorting [Word]

content recording sheet [Word]


Leadership Instructional Strategies [PDF]

Tools and Strategies [PDF]

ACM meeting Leadership [Word]

ACM Leadership presentations on Differentiated Instruction [Word]


Assessment powerpoint [PPT]

Professional Practice [Word]

Alphabet Cards A-F [Word]

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April 26

ACM CR handout: 5 practices for open discussions [Word]

ACM defining and refining developmental constructed response [PPT]

ACM agenda [PDF]

ACM feedback [PDF]


Multiplication of Fractions, Part 2 [PPT]

Standards Progression Sheet [Word]

Paraphrasing Template for Multiplication [Word]

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