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Mathematics Fellowships for Middle Grade Teachers

The Mathematics Fellowship for Middle Grade Teachers project, a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Math and Science Partnership Program, is a collaborative effort of the Milwaukee Public Schools and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The goal of the project was to increase the mathematics content knowledge of teachers in grades 5 through 8 in the City of Milwaukee.

The “Math Fellows” were offered a core sequence of four university mathematics content courses for a total of 12 credits over four semesters from summer 2005 through summer 2006. The courses addressed mathematical problem solving, geometry, discrete probability and statistics, and algebraic structures. The content of these four courses targeted the mathematical knowledge needed for teaching the content of the Wisconsin standards in mathematics.

All Math Fellows received a certificate of recognition from the district upon completion of the four core sequence courses. Some of the Fellows also entered into an accelerated program to complete two additional courses, intermediate algebra and calculus, to complete the course requirements for an elementary education mathematics minor and be eligible for additional state licensure endorsement.

At the completion of the project, forty-one Math Fellows representing 35 different schools were honored at a banquet. The Math Fellows along with their principals, instructors and guests celebrated their successful participation in the Mathematics Fellowship for Middle Grade Teachers. Dr. Aquine Jackson and Kathy Williams presented the Math Fellows with plaques signed by Superintendent William Andrekopolus, Henry Kranendonk, Mathematics Curriculum Specialist and Dr. Kevin McLeod from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. Ten of the Math Fellows honored have completed the Advanced Program and will receive a transcript designation indicating completion of course work towards a math minor. Seventeen of the teachers completed the twelve credits for the Certificate Program. These teachers will be recognized for their accomplishments at a School Board Meeting. In addition, fourteen teachers were honored with certificates of participation for completing six to nine credits. The impact of this successful program will be felt throughout the district, as these highly qualified teachers continue to share their experiences and knowledge with their colleagues and students.

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The Math Fellows with their certificates of completion, Fall 2006.


Funding for this project was provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Mathematics and Science Partnership Program, ESEA Title II Part B, with additional support provided by the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership.




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