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Milwaukee Public Schools

Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor

Sharonda Harris
(414) 475-8768, harrissm@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Pandora Bedford
(414) 475-8128, bedforpd@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Cynthia Cuellar
(414) 773-9865, cuellacs@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Astrid Fossum
(414) 475-8786, fossumag@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Rosann Hollinger
(414) 475-8022, hollinrl@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Laura Maly
(414) 475-8752, guzmanlm@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Mary Mooney
(414) 475-8876, mooneyme@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Lee Ann Pruske
(414) 475-8669, pruskelx@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Bernard Rahming
(414) 475-8143, rahminbv@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Beth Schefelker
(414) 475-8012, schefeba@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Bridget Schock           
(414) 777-7814, schockbx@milwaukee.k12.wi.us


Darlene Boyle
(414) 475-8876, boyledx@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Rose Carr
(414) 475-8739, carrrm@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Tom Hanley
(414) 475-8243, hanleytp@milwaukee.k12.wi.us  


Dr. Heidi Ramirez
(414) 475-8006, hramirez@milwaukee.k12.wi.us


Milwaukee Teachers Education Association

Bob Peterson
(414) 259-1990, repmilw@aol.com












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