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Center for Proficiency in Teaching Mathematics

The Center for Proficiency in Teaching Mathematics (CPTM) focuses on improving the professional education of mathematics teachers.  Connections will be forged across groups engaged in improving mathematics instruction by means of professional development, leadership development, and research.  Their work with the MMP is aligned with their goals, which include enhancing the mathematical preparation of teachers in grades pre-kindergarten to 16 across their career; making instructional practice and its development the heart of teachers’ professional education; and building connections among the different players, settings, and institutions involved in mathematics teacher education.

Diane Briars, Pittsburgh Public Schools

Diane Briars will collaborate and use her expertise to improve the Comprehensive Mathematics Framework, performance assessment, and for building effective school learning teams for mathematics as well as support the planning for training of district Mathematics Teaching Specialists, Mathematics Lead Teachers, and Learning Team members.  Diane is co-director of PRIME, the Pittsburgh Reform in Mathematics Education project.

University of Pittsburgh

Clement Stone at the University of Pittsburgh will assist the team in developing measures designed to capture construct of school cohesiveness, as well as any additional measures that might be needed to access student understanding.

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