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MPS Assessment Pilots

Over one hundred MPS teachers participated in Assessment Pilots during Years 2 through 6 of the grant. Grouped by grade, the overall focus of the groups was to build, test, implement, and review the use of Classroom Assessments Based on Standards (CABS). These teachers also learned advanced math content in the topics of Algebra, Geometry, and Statistical Reasoning.

2008-2009 (Grades 8-9) MTL Summits

Simply put, the goal for the group was to improve math achievement on the 10th Grade WKCE-CRT. Primarily it is the input from two grade levels, 8th and 9th, which contribute to that test. Not so simple is what it takes to bridge the gap between these critical years.

Components of this year’s summits include Formative Assessment, Algebraic Reasoning Content, and Leadership.

For more information, contact Rosann Hollinger.

Summit Resources

September 2008 Summit web page

October 2008 Summit web page

December 2008 Summit web page

February 2009 Summit web page

March 2009 Summit web page

May 2009 Summit web page


Photos from the Assessment Pilot Meetings

Foundation Level Math Pilot: Grades 8-9 (2007-08)

K-7 Assessment Pilot (2007-08)

New for Year 5! 8th and 9th Grade MTLs were identified at schools and assembled for "summits" beginning in September.

The goal of the Pilot was to help bridge the gaps between two critical years for our students. They studied student work from the 8th and 9th grade CABS and from the Benchmark Constructed Response Items. Similar to the other MTL meetings, UWM content sessions were presented at the summits.

For more information, contact Rosann Hollinger.


January 2008 Summit web page

December 2007 Summit web page

October 2007 Summit web page

September 2007 Summit web page

Grades 8-9 Assessment Pilot - What's New for 2007-08 PDF document

Letter to Principals PDF document

group interaction at assessment pilot meeting

The K-7 Assessment Pilot group continued building familiarity to formative assessment practice using CABS. Similar to the MTL meetings, UWM content sessions were presented, and a Math Teaching Specialist worked with them to build academic vocabulary. The group then subdivided into grades K5-1 and grades 2-7 to further study student work samples for the appropriate CABS, with the goal of creating school-based professional development.

K5-1 Assessment Pilot:  This committee studied each content strand, noted the big ideas, and examined the developmental levels as the ideas grew between kindergarten and first grade.  During each meeting, teachers at both grade levels came together to analyze student work samples from their schools for pilot CABS and shared feedback regarding clarity of task directions, difficulty of the task for students, and instructional information gained from the task.  This committee demonstrated their dedication to the development of CABS by holding 90 percent attendance each month.

2-7 Assessment Pilot:  The focal point of the Grade 2-7 Assessment Pilot Committee was on creating resource materials for school-based professional development sessions focused on examining student work, writing descriptive feedback, and using student data to inform instructional practice.  Grade level leaders designed five CABS, one from each strand, which they used to formulate a grade level resource guide to formative assessment. 

For more information, contact Beth Schefelker or Pandora Bedford.

Useful Resources

Effective Feedback
Types of Feedback Word document
Types of Feedback Activity Word document
Types of Feedback Activity –answer key Word document
Effective Feedback Description Word document

Protocol for Formative Assessment
Using the Guide to Formative Assessment at Your School Word document
CABS Assessment Overview form Word document
Effective Feedback Summary form Word document
CABS Class Summary Report form Word document
Assessment Summary Sheet Word document


Year 5

Nov-December 2007 Newsletter PDF document

October 2007 Newsletter PDF document



8-9 Assessment Pilot (2006-07)

During Year 4 the major task of the Grades 8-9 Pilot was to produce 8th grade district model CABS for each of the state standards.  The group met twice a month and for several half-day Saturday sessions with Dr. Kevin McLeod from UWM.  In order to encourage acceptance and use of the CABS by 8th grade teachers, the alignment of the CABS was identified for each instructional unit in the district pacing guide.  The group plans to disseminate the CABS at the end of the 2006-07 school year. 



math staff advising group meeting

K-7 Assessment Pilot (2006-2007)

During the 2006-07 school year, the 2-7 Assessment Pilot expanded to includes grades K-1.  This group of 86 leaders from 42 schools met monthly with Math Teaching Specialists, Teachers-in-Residence, and Kevin McLeod, a mathematician from UWM.  The meetings began with the K-7 teachers engaging in a measurement and geometry content session.  The K-7 group then divided into subcommittees: Grades K-1 and 2-7.   Guided by an MTS, district Math Teacher Leader, TIR, kindergarten teacher, and kindergarten consultant, the focus of the K-1 group was to generate district model CABS.  These K-1 teachers also engaged in an early number development content session in order to establish common ground to discuss assessments and student work.  The goal of the Grades 2-7 committee was to field test the existing CABS and build a CABS portfolio.  Dissemination of both the portfolio and the Number and Operations CABS for Grades K & 1 was planned for Fall 2007.


Year 4

April-May 2007 Newsletter PDF document

March 2007 Newsletter PDF document

February 2007 Newsletter PDF document

January 2007 Newsletter PDF document

2006-07 Recruitment Flyer Word document

Year 3

January 2006 Newsletter PDF document

December 2005 Newsletter PDF document

October 2005 Newsletter PDF document










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