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June MTL Seminar, June 1 and 2, 2006

General Files
        Agenda PDF Document
        Reflection Form PDF Document

Catching Up with Your Cohort
        MTL 3rd Annual Kick-off August 2006: Flyer and Announcement Word Document
        Math Leader Summer 2006 Interest and Contact Form Word Document
        MTL Status for 2006-2007 Word Document

Awesome Data Results!
        Braggin Rights Data Summary PDF Document

What's Up With The Textbook Adoption?
        Memo on the Textbook Selection Process for 2006-2007 PDF Document
        Textbook Selection Process Forms Draft PDF Document

Mini-Grant Sharing Sessions
        Mini-Grant Award List for 2005-2007 PDF Document
        Presentation Guidelines and Focus Questions PDF Document

Algebra Travels: Using Algebra to Make Decisions
        Using Algebra to Make Decisions Slides Word Document
        Phone Plan Problems PDF Document
        Centimeter Grid Paper PDF Document
        Sample WKCE Items: Web Sites Resources Word Document


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