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February MTL Seminar, February 6 & 9, 2007

General Files

•  Agenda PDF document

•  Feedback Form Word document

•  Flyer for February Meeting PDF document

Assessment Legacy

•  Session Script-Assessment Legacy Word document

•  Final Question-Assessment Legacy Word document

•  Website-Assessment for Learning Word document

Descriptive Feedback

•  CABS Assignment PDF document

•  Session Script and Handout on Descriptive Feedback Word document

•  Descriptive Feedback Rubric Word document

•  CABS Class Summary Report Word document

Math Textbook Program Implementation

•  Textbook Implementation Plan PDF document

Developing Measurement Concepts and Skills

•  Slides for “Developing Geometric Reasoning, Part 3: Focus on Area” Word document

•  Dot Paper Template PDF document

•  Parallelogram Handout PDF document

•  Figures on Dot Paper Task Cards Word document

•  Triangles Set 1 Task Card Word document

•  Triangles Set 2 Task Card Word document

•  Student Task on Area Word document

•  Student Work Samples on Area Task PDF document


•  Green Lake Conference Information Word document

•  Script for “The Passion to Lead” Article Word document

• Article: “The Passion to Lead” by Nancy Berkas and Cynthia Pattison. NCTM News Bulletin (January/February 2007). Web page



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