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4th Annual MTL Kickoff, August 27-28, 2007

General Files

•  Agenda Day 1 Grades K-7 PDF document

• Agenda Day 2 Grades K-7 PDF document

• Agenda Day 1 & 2 Grades 8-12 PDF document

•  Feedback Form Word document

•  Letter of Invitation for Grade K-8 MTLs PDF document

•  Registration Form: Grades K-8 Word document

•  MTL Reminder Letter PDF document

•  Letter of Invitation for High School Math Teachers PDF document

•  Registration Form: High School Word document

•  Confirmation and Reminder Letter PDF document

•  Map to Bradley Tech High School PDF document


The MMP Initiatives for 2007-2008

•  MMP Year 5 Initiatives (handout) PDF document


Keynote Session: Dr. Carol Malloy, “Engaging Students and Teaching Mathematics for Understanding”

•  Dr. Carol Malloy Background Sheet PDF document

•  Slides from Key Note Session Powerpoint Presentation


Follow-Up Session with Dr. Carol Malloy, “Math Reform, Student Learning, and Student Self-Conceptions”

•  Slides from Follow-Up Session Powerpoint Presentation

•  Problem Set for High School Students PDF document


Probability: The Math of Uncertainty Part 1

•  Slides for Content Session on “The Math of Uncertainty Part 1” Word document

•  Likely and Unlikely Statements (handout) Word document

•  Tossing Coins Conjecture Sheet (handout) Word document


Paul Molitor Simulation: Connections to Probability and Statistics

•  Lesson Plan for the Paul Molitor Simulation PDF document

•  Sharing the Grade 10 Descriptors for Probability and Statistics PDF document

Curriculum Guides, K-5 and 6–8

•  Script for Curriculum Guide Session PDF document


Continuing Our Impact with Formative Assessment

•  CABS Assessment Overview form Word document

•  CABS Class Summary Report form Word document

•  CABS Student Feedback Summary form Word document

WKCE-CRT: Connections to Probability and Statistics

•  Depth of Knowledge Levels (handout) Word document

•  Item Analysis Worksheet Word document

•  Slides for the WKCE-CRT session PDF document


Think-A-Loud Protocol for Student Problem Solving

•  Script for the Think Aloud Session PDF document

•  Task: Melting Block of Ice PDF document

Building Academic Vocabulary

•  Marzano Playing with Words handout Word document

•  Free Association slide Word document


The Marshall Plan: Here We Go! (Grade 8-12)

•  Samples of Descriptive Feedback (Photos of Henry’s Posters)

Feedback 1 JPEG image * Feedback 2 JPEG image * Feedback 3 JPEG image *

Feedback 4 JPEG image * Feedback 5 JPEG image * Feedback 6 JPEG image * Feedback 7 JPEG image



            •  It All Adds Up, Summer 2007 Professional Development Hours Word document




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