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March Math Teacher Leader Meeting, March 3 & 5, 2009

General Files

Agenda 257 PDF document

Agenda 258 PDF document

Agenda 261 PDF document

March MTL Flyer Word document

Feedback Form Word document

Content Session: “Using Repeating Patterns to Think Functionally”

Content Session Slides “…Think Functionally” Word document

MKT Pattern Questions Word document

MTL Learning Targets – Algebraic Relationships Word document

Leadership Session: “Understanding Change”

Understanding Change Slides Powerpoint Presentation or PDF document

Stages of Concern Word document

Stages of Concern Matrix Word document

Assumptions of CBAM Word document

Examples of Concerns about Mathematics Programs Word document

Assessment: “Questioning Strategies"

Assessment Slides “Why’d You Ask…” Word document

An Excerpt from Catherine Evan’s Class (contact your MTS for a copy of this article)

Questioning Script Word document

Question Types Word document

Question Types Recording Form Word document

Assessment Homework Word document

Factor Game Powerpoint Presentation or PDF document

Factor Game Board PDF document

Factor Game Rules PDF document

Factor Game Example PDF document

Factor Game Scoring Word document





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