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MTL Seminar, February 17 & 23, 2010

General Files
        Agenda PDF document
        Meeting Flyer Word document
        Feedback Form Word document
        MMP Evaluation Activities for Spring 2010 Flyer Word document

Leadership: Making Coherence
        Slides: Making Coherence Powerpoint Presentation
        Leadership Framework Word document
        Professional Practice Task: Word document coming soon

Assessment: Making Connections through Teaching & Learning
        Slides: Making Connections Through Teaching and Learning Powerpoint Presentation
        Principles of Formative Assessment Word document
        Task: Cubes Word document
        Task: Write a Word Problem for Division PDF document
        Grade 7 Measurement Targets and Descriptors Word document
        Grade 3 Number and Operations Targets and Descriptors Word document
        WALT Lesson Planning Template Word document
        Professional Practice Task: WALT Lesson Planning Process Word document

Content: Reflecting and Connecting
        Slides: Reflecting and Connecting Word document
        Grid: Supporting MKT in Our Classrooms: Researching A Big Idea in Mathematics Word document







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