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MTL Seminar, October 12 and 14, 2010

General Files

New MTL Flyer Word document
Reminder Flyer Word document
Agenda Word document
Literacy Strategies Word document

TUDA/NAEP Discussion

NAEP-TUDA Word document

Leadership Session

PRIME article Contact your MTS for a copy of this article.
Leadership session powerpoint Powerpoint Presentation
MTL Book Walk and Talk Word document

Assessment Session

article: The Tools of Classroom Talk Contact your MTS for a copy of this article.
Assessment session powerpoint Powerpoint Presentation
Alignment of Principles of Formative Assessment Word document
WALT template Word document

Content Session

article: A Case of Zero Contact your MTS for a copy of this article.
Content CCSS Literacy Standards PDF document
Content Frayer Model PDF document
Content session powerpoint Powerpoint Presentation

Region Time

LOL Flyer Word document
Success Tracker Training flyer Word document
Formative Assessment Principles Survey Word document





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