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Rational Numbers: Focus on Fractions

Conceptual Thought Patterns for Comparing Fractions Word Document

Number Line Task and Results Word Document
Performance Assessment by Comparing Fractions, Grades 3-8 Word Document
Estimate Student Results - NAEP Word Document
Rational Numbers and Fractions by Kevin McLeod Word Document
Teaching for Understanding: Fractions by DeAnn Huinker Powerpoint Presentation
Script for Understanding Reading by Melissa Hedges Word Document

Reasoning with Rational Numbers (Fractions) by DeAnn Huinker, Kevin McLeod, Bernard Rahming, Melissa Hedges, and Sharonda Harris Powerpoint Presentation

Characteristics of Tasks Record Sheet PDF Document

Estimation Benchmarks card PDF Document

Student Task - Add Fractions PDF Document

Student Task - Subtract Fractions PDF Document

Word Problem: Envelopes Task PDF Document

Connected Math Project Two: Grade Six Operations with Fractions by Glenda Lappan Powerpoint Presentation

Teaching for Understanding Division with Fractions by DeAnn Huinker, Kevin McLeod, and Henry Kepner Powerpoint Presentation

Fraction task cards: "Popcorn Party #1" (Word Document) and "Popcorn Party #2" (Word Document)






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