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The Resources section houses helpful documents, web links, and presentations given in relation to MMP-sponsored projects.

photo of teacher displaying graphMTL Resources is a clearinghouse for handouts presented to the Mathematics Teacher Leaders at the monthly seminars. In addition, you can find issues of the "MMP Messenger" and several forms for teachers.

The Tools page houses the most commonly-used forms and information of Teacher Leaders and Learning Teams such as the Continuum, Protocol, Learning Targets, and Effective Feedback.

New in 2011, the Comprehensive Mathematics and Science Plan (CMSP) Resources contains curriculum guides, pacing guides, instructional design lesson planning templates.

CCSS Resources houses numerous links related to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

On the High School Resources page, you'll find documents and newsletters for High School teachers, plus the High School Mathematics Targets and CABS.

On the CABS page, you'll find Classroom Assessments Based on Standards for grades K through 10. The mathematics targets are included, as are CABS grouped by subject - Algebraic Relationships, Number Operations and Relationships, Statistics and Probability, Measurement, and Geometry.

Benchmark Assessments, or Mathematics Constructed Response (CR) Items, are listed for Grades 3-8. Documents for each grade include student worksheet, marking scheme, student work samples, and a sample feedback report.

You'll find special topics in Mathematics that were presented to the MTLs in their monthly seminars on the Math Content Professional Development page. Topics are grouped by subject - Geometry, Algebraic Relationships, and so on.

Links contains relevant websites to the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership, while Publications, Presentations, and Documents feature papers and presentations given and published by MMP Staff.

For Archived Resources, click here.


Please note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print some of these files. To download this free program, click here.



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