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2010-2011 Action Plan Guide Word document

MMP Learning Team Continuum of Work for Mathematics School Self Assessment Guide Word document or PDF document

Alignment of Principles of Formative Assessments to the Learning Team Continuum of Work for Mathematics Word document

Linking Principles of Formative Assessment to Classroom Practice by DeAnn Huinker and Janis Freckmann PDF document

MPS Learning Targets Descriptor alignments web page and "Grid" PDF document

HS Learning Targets v.2.2 (August 2008) Word document

Comprehensive Mathematics Framework (CMF) with References Word Document

MTL Script for Discussing the Comprehensive Mathematics Framework PDF Document

WALT/ Shirley Clarke article (Clarke, S. [2001.] Unlocking Formative Assessment: Practical Strategies for Enhancing Pupils' Learning in the Primary Classroom. Hodder Murray Publishing.) Contact your MTS for a copy of this document. Summary Word document

Lesson Planning with Formative Assessment Principles Word document

Types of Questions for Supporting Mathematics Learning Goals Word Document

Sharing the 10th Grade Descriptors Word document

WKCE-CRT Depths of Knowledge Framework (DOK) Word document

Curriculum Pacing Guides web page

Assessing the Assessment Word document

District Model CABS by grade & topic: K-1 web page ; 2-8 web page ; Grade 9 web page

MMP Expanded Protocol for Analyzing Student Work (2008) PDF document

Video of MMP Protocol Obtain a copy from your MTS to view.

CABS Class Summary Report Word document

School Improvement Plan Template Word document

Types of feedback Word document

Effective Feedback Summary Word document




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