About TNE

The Teachers for A New Era project, funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, is designed to increase the quality of teaching in K-12 classrooms by improving the quality of teacher education programs and enhancing the position of teacher education at each participating TNE institution. UWM is one of 11 institutions of higher education across the country selected to be part of this effort. This initiative is based on the belief that good teacher preparation begins with work in the arts, letters and sciences and continues through professional coursework and clinical experiences in K-12 schools. Three goals of TNE are embodied in three design principles:

Design Principle 1: Teacher education programs are built on evidence from research.

 Design Principle 2: Collaboration between faculty in the arts, letters and sciences and education is essential for building a sound foundation in liberal arts and the disciplines.

 Design Principle 3: Teaching is a clinical profession in which new teachers require a period of dedicated support during the first induction years.

At UWM, the Teachers for New Era project works in close collaboration with the Milwaukee Partnership Academy, a coalition of education, business and community organizations dedicated to improving the quality of teaching and learning for the children and youth of Milwaukee.

Last Updated 9/26/07