Milwaukee Partnership Academy
MPA is an Urban P-16 Council for Quality Teaching and Learning, designed to develop a comprehensive teacher education prototype for preparing K-12 teachers for high needs schools through a strong and unique partnership. The partnership is a collaboration among the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Public Schools, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association, the Milwaukee Area Technical College, the Office of the Mayor of Milwaukee, the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, the Helen Bader Foundation and the Private Industry Council of Milwaukee County. A primary goal of MPA is to improve the education of children through better preparation, recruitment and retention of teachers for urban schools. The MPA is also dedicated to providing multiple pathways to the teaching profession for educational assistants, paraprofessionals, and other entry-level employees of the Milwaukee Public Schools, especially people of color, at both the undergraduate and post-baccalaureate levels.

Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership
The Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership (MMP) is a collaborative effort among the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools, and the Milwaukee Area Technical College to improve mathematics teaching and learning at all levels, from pre-kindergarten through college. This five-year initiative is part of the Milwaukee Partnership Academy and is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Milwaukee Public Schools
Located in Southeastern Wisconsin on the shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee's public school system is comprised of 218 total schools (57 Secondary Schools, 125 Elementary Schools, and 36 Diversified Community Schools). Serving over 105,000 students, MPS employs over 6,700 full-time, part-time, and substitute teachers. A publicly elected School Board provides direction and oversight, with a Superintendent heading the organization's administration.

Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association
The MTEA is a labor union representing four groups of Milwaukee Public Schools employees: Teachers, Educational Assistants, Substitute Teachers, and Accountants/Bookkeepers. Collectively, the MTEA is a group of over 9,000 employees who work directly with the students in the city's schools. By constitution, the two-fold purpose of the MTEA is "to develop and maintain the professional status and financial welfare of its members and to promote the cause of education through strong, positive action."

MTEA Board members work full-time in schools. They perform their policy-making duties after school, on a voluntary basis. The Association is committed to putting children at the center of education by building broad-based support for quality public education, to generating business and community partnerships that encourage student success in public schools, and to supporting initiatives that focus on quality teaching and learning for all students. The MTEA employs a full-time professional staff to implement the policies and conduct the day-to-day work of the union.

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