Pupil Learning Team

Team Members

Smith, Phil (Leader, Educational Psychology) psmith@uwm.edu

Walker, Cynthia (Educational Psychology) cmwalker@uwm.edu

Mathiowetz, Nancy (Sociology) nancym2@uwm.edu

Maier, Peter (CUIR) pem@uwm.edu

Lindsey, Deborah (MPS) lindsedl@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us


Pupil Learning Prelim Report (PDF)

Pupil Learning Final Report 2005

Pupil Learning Final Report 2006

Supporting Materials

Value-Added Assessment--Powerpoint from Phil Smith's TNE Forum Presentation, October 21, 2004 (PDF)

Linking Student Outcomes to Teaching Strategies and Teacher Preparation Issues, Considerations and Database Design by Phil Smith( PDF)

Bank Street Presentation-Pupil Learning (PDF)

UVA Presentation-Pupil Learning (PDF)

CSUN Presentation-Pupil Learning (PDF)

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