Research papers, reports and scholarly journal articles and essays on the work of the eleven Teachers for a New Era sites are continually being produced. Works selected for inclusion on this site are organized under the three design principles of the Teachers for a New Era program, as well as a "General" category.


Randi Nevins Stanulis and Gail Burrill," Preparing Highly Qualified Teachers Who Keep Content and Context Central: The Michigan State University Induction Program", Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego , California April, 2004

Ivan Charner, " New Directions in Teacher Induction: Emerging strategies from the Teachers for a New Era Initiative", Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Meeting, San Diego , April, 2004

Virginia Roach and Jon Snyder, "New Directions in Teacher Induction: Emerging Strategies from the Teachers for a New Era Initiative Bank Street College" April 2004

Amy Alwards, "New directions in Induction: University of Virginia", Paper Presented at the American Education Research Association Meeting, San Diego", California April 2004

Teachers for a New Era: Designing policy environments to support high-quality teacher preparation.”  Consortium for Policy Research in Education, January 2006.

Decision Based on Evidences
Journal of Teacher Education. (January/February 2006), Vol. 57, No. 1.
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Engagement of Arts and Science
Jeffrey Merrick , "July 14 and September 11: Historical Method and Pedagogical Method," The History Teacher, (February 2006) Vol. 39, No. 2, pp. 197-214.

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