UWM TNE Institute

June 2005 Participants
Mark Amsler, Letters & Science, UWM
Christine Anderson, Milwaukee Partnership Academy
Barry Applewhite, Milwaukee Public Schools
Craig Berg, Letters & Science, UWM
W. Robert Bucker, Dean, Peck School of the Arts, UWM
Moreen Carvan, School of Education, UWM
Kimberly Cosier, Peck School of the Arts, UWM
Ed Crowe, Academy for Educational Development
Raoul Deal, Peck School of the Arts, UWM
Daniel J. Donder, Milwaukee Public Schools
Sharon Durtka, Milwaukee Public Schools
Ginny Finn, UWM Foundation
Alice Gillam, Letters & Science, UWM
Randy Goree, School of Education, UWM
Judy Gundry, Teacher-in-Residence
Kristen Gurtner, Milwaukee Public Schools
Jeremy Happel, UWM
Mark Harris, Letters & Science, UWM
Roxie Hentz, Teacher-in-Residence
Jeffery Johnson, Milwaukee Public Schools/MTEA
Mark Johnson-Lewis, Academy for Educational Development
Helen Kalili, Milwaukee Public Schools
William Kean, Letters & Science, UWM
Deb Lindsey, Milwaukee Public Schools
Joan LoPresti, Milwaukee Public Schools
Kevin McDonald, Milwaukee Public Schools
Kevin McLeod, Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership
Richard Meadows, Dean, Letters & Science, UWM
Robin Mello, Peck School of the Arts, UWM
Jeffery Merrick, Letters & Science, UWM
Tania Mertzman, School of Education, UWM
Barbara Monroe, UWM Foundation
Amy Otis-Wilborn, School of Education, UWM
Jarad Parker, UWM
Stephen Percy, Letters & Science, UWM
Lucia Petrie, UWM Foundation
Linda Post, School of Education, UWM
Marleen Pugach, School of Education, UWM
Elise Riepenhoff, Milwaukee Public Schools
Wendy Rowley, Milwaukee Public Schools
Connie Schroeder, UWM
Charles Schuster, Letters & Science, UWM
Robert Schwartz, Letters & Science, UWM
Phil Smith, School of Education, UWM
Maria Surma, School of Education, UWM
Alfonzo Thurman, Dean, School of Education, UWM
Linda Tiezzi-Waldera, School of Education, UWM
Cindy Walker, School of Education, UWM
Bill Washabaugh, Letters & Science, UWM
Jennifer Wilson, Milwaukee Public Schools
Michael Wilson, Letters & Science, UWM
Jane Wisniewski, Milwaukee Public Schools

Design Team Presentations (these are PowerPoint files)

Program Assessment
Pupil Learning

Design Team Reports (pdfs)

Culture and Communities
Program Assessment
Pupil Learning
Science / Appendix 1 / Appendix 2 / Appendix 3
Social Science

Lunch Discussion Notes (pdf)

Schedule (pdf)

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