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Academic Program Planning & Review

Online Program Council Charter
February, 2006


UWM’s Online Program Council is a network of faculty, staff, and administrators who are currently involved in the planning, implementation, and delivery of online degrees or certificates. Membership is composed of two to three representatives from every online degree or certificate program at UWM. The Council is sponsored by the Provost’s Office, and it is not a governance body. The Council co-chairs are appointed on a yearly basis by the Provost.


The Council has three objectives:
  1. Function as an assessment network to encourage adoption of best practices in online learning

  2. Facilitate sharing of information about online program delivery with respect to
    a. Student orientation
    b. Technology
    c. Student support
    d. Faculty development
    e. Scheduling and registration
    f. Pricing models
    g. Marketing materials
    h. Impact of the program on its school, college, or department
  3. Provide peer support for faculty, staff, and administrators exploring new programs

Definition of Success

UWM has committed to a niche strategy that builds on existing strengths in the development of online programs. This strategy was articulated in the 2004 work of the Online Group of the Enrollment Management Steering Committee:

Develop e-Learning strategies that will

  • appeal to adult learners seeking an undergraduate degree.
  • expand access for existing graduate and certificate programs regionally.
  • expand existing graduate programs in areas with workforce needs in region.
  • expand high quality, premier programs that bring high visibility to UWM.
Develop new markets largely at the graduate level.
Establish campus criteria for targeting new market programs including:
  • Scalability
  • Reasonable cost of accessing markets
The work of the Online Program Council will help the University implement online programs that achieve these goals.