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Access to Success

UWM Access to Success Day Presentations (February 24, 2006)

*Please note: All of the PDF files below contain 2 slides per page*

Introductory Presentation: Overview (Ruth Williams) [ PDF format ]
Bridge Programs (Dan Patnode) [ PDF format ]
Diversity in Faculty Recruitment & Hires (Anthony Lemelle) [ PDF format ]
Diversity Training (Tony Ciccone, Connie Schroeder) [ PDF format ]
The Early Warning System (Beth Warner) [ PDF format ]
Enhancing Advising (Rachael Moebius) [ PDF format ]
First-Year Transition Courses (Nigel Rothfels) [ PDF format ]
Freshman Admission, Placement & Support - includes Academic Opportunity Center (Beth Weckmueller, Ruth Russell, Dan Patnode) [ PDF format ]
Freshmen Mentoring Network (Sharon Stricklin) [ PDF format ]
Gateway Course Redesigns (Kelly Kaiser) [ PDF format ]
Honors Programs (Kim Romenesko) [ PDF format ]
Multicultural Student Center (Susan Fields, Linda Huang) [ PDF format ]
Ombuds Program (Dev Venugopalan) [ PDF format ]
Scholarship & Focused Initiatives (Jane Hojan-Clark) [ PDF format ]
Student Recruitment (John Huegel) [ PDF format ]
Supplemental Instruction & Teaching Teams (Johanna Dvorak) [ PDF format ]

Tutoring Implementation Group (Margaret Mika) [ PDF format ] Closing Presentation: Summary & Next Steps (Ruth Williams, Rita Cheng) [ PDF format ]

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