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ACCESS to Success First Year Initiatives

UWM School/College Academic Advising: Values, Vision, Mission and Learning Outcomes

College of Health Sciences

Mission Statement

To promote health and minimize the effects of illness and disability through the generation, dissemination, integration and application of scientific knowledge.

Academic Advising Mission Statement

In service to the mission of the UWM College of Health Sciences and its diverse undergraduate student population, academic advising provides individual students with opportunities to learn the skills needed to develop sound educational plans that support their goals for professional and life-long learning.

Academic Advising Vision Statement

The academic advising of undergraduate CHS students serves and supports both the students and the academic programs.

Individual students are ultimately responsible for their success in the College. Advisors are aware that this success is guided largely by the choices students make and thus strive to facilitate good decision-making skills and consequence evaluation. A holistic approach to maximizing student success is employed to educate students about the challenges of balancing numerous and sometimes conflicting demands.

The advisor works in unison with the academic programs to ensure students meet the criteria established for progression in their studies. Students rarely follow curricular models. Therefore, development of alternative and workable degree completion plans requires frequent dialogue between advisors and programs. In light of how students progress toward degree completion, the importance of on-going accurate record maintenance cannot be understated.

The knowledge and perspective gained by advisors assists them in their work with the academic programs. As mentioned previously, the dialogue between programs and advisors is continuous, but for purposes of curricular refinement as well. Programs and courses undergo frequent review and the input of advisors in that larger process assists the programs build the best possible curricula for student success.

Advisors must be knowledgeable and skilled in the interpretation of federal, UW- System and UWM policies and procedures. Conveying clear, accurate and timely information to students regarding these policies and procedures helps the student avoid unnecessary delays in degree progression and allows them to receive any assistance needed from campus academic and financial support areas. In addition, advisors provide referrals to resources beyond the College such as administrative, academic, career and health support services.

Advisors disseminate information to current and all prospective students and their families. It is not uncommon for the relationship between student and advisor to begin 2-3 years before matriculation. These early interactions are critical to recruitment and retention by facilitating a smooth transition to UWM and CHS. As the student-advisor relationship develops, the advisor works to ensure that degree completion guidelines are followed and helps the student envision their success in the profession of their choice or as they pursue further education.

Advisor Value statements

We value the desire for learning that our students bring and honor that desire by providing honest, dependable, professional service.

We value the student’s honesty with themselves as they formulate their educational goals.

We value the individual choices and paths that led students to pursue a helping profession.

We value the challenges that come with college experiences as opportunities from which our students can self-reflect, grow and learn.

We value the expertise, caring and concern of the faculty and staff who engage students in the learning process.

We value partnerships with our advising colleagues who readily share our values and pursue continuous quality improvements to student life and success.

We value our on- and off-campus partnerships with professionals who provide quality assistance to our students in areas that we do not.

We value the professionalism of those who support our goals to provide dependable, accurate, timely and friendly information to our students.