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ACCESS to Success First Year Initiatives

UWM School/College Academic Advising: Values, Vision, Mission and Learning Outcomes

Peck School of the Arts

Office of Student Services: Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement:

The mission of the PSOA Office of Student Services is to provide quality academic advising in an environment that fosters honesty and respect. We are committed to building partnerships with students, providing services/resources that enrich their college experience, and empowering them to develop and succeed in their educational goals.

What we Value as Advisors
  • Students
  • Fellow Advisors and Staff
  • Education
  • Diversity
  • Professional Development to strengthen our skills
  • Partnerships with students, faculty and staff
  • Artistic expression
  • Being accessible
  • Providing accurate and timely information
  • Connecting students to appropriate resources
  • Embracing innovative initiatives that benefit our students
  • Ethical behavior
  • Faculty involvement and expertise

Values Statement:

As academic advisors in the Peck School of the Arts we value building partnerships with students that will foster their artistic and educational growth.

What we Vision for our Advising Office
  • Student satisfaction, success and retention
  • A student centered environment
  • A collaborative work environment
  • An environment that fosters positive partnerships between student and advisor
  • Providing accurate/up-to-date information/resources
  • Building partnerships/communication with academic departments
  • Assisting students in making better decisions
  • Developing career resources for our students

Vision Statement:

Academic advisors in the Peck School of the Arts are committed to providing quality academic advising through a collaborative work environment where our interactions with students, faculty and staff foster a positive partnership.

Student Learning Outcomes: (What we hope students will be able to know, do, and appreciate as a result of our services)

(Cognitive) To Know
  • Take ultimately responsible for executing their educational/career goals
  • Understand the various resources available to them and know the importance
  • Know the various academic programs available to them and their importance
  • Know their degree requirements
  • Know and understand the advising curriculum checklists
  • Know institutional policies and/or where to find them
  • Understand their profession
  • Be familiar with the co-curricular opportunities
  • Know how to work collaboratively with diverse populations

(Skills) To Do
  • Ability to effectively use PAWS
  • Ability to use UWM e-mail
  • Ability to use online services (Timetable, catalog/bulletin, etc.)
  • Be able to identify and utilize campus communication resources
  • Process the skills to be able to effectively conduct a job search
  • Embrace diversity
(Affective) To Appreciate
  • Appreciate the value of academic advising to their educational goals
  • Appreciate the value added to their educational experience as result of their own active and engaged efforts
  • Appreciate the value of actively using campus resources
  • Appreciate the value of a liberal arts education
  • Appreciate the importance of the selection of academic components (GER’s) in tandem with the study of the arts
  • Value the importance of work-related experience prior to graduation
  • Value diversity