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ACCESS to Success First Year Initiatives

UWM School/College Academic Advising: Values, Vision, Mission and Learning Outcomes

School of Information Studies

Academic Advising Vision, Mission, and Values


The academic staff in the School of Information Studies (SOIS) is committed to providing advising support for both undergraduate and graduate students. We are committed to providing academic achievement for students of diverse backgrounds.


The Academic Advising Staff will assist students in considering their life goals by relating their individual interests, skills, abilities, and values to their careers, the world of work, and the nature and purpose of higher education. In addition, the Academic Advising Staff is dedicated to identifying key issues in advising that impact the retention of all students in the School of Information Studies (SOIS).


The advising staff is dedicated to the student population as well as the faculty and staff in the School of Information Studies (SOIS).

Flexibility:   Advisors provide open-door policy for academic advising.
Diversity:   Advisors provide support for students from a variety of academic, economic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds.
Honesty:   Advisors encourage and support an honest, friendly, and professional service to all students.
Empowering:   Advisors promote life-long learning by encouraging students to focus on increasing students’ potential, to take charge of their own educational career paths.