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Class Meeting Times

December 26, 2002


TO: Deans, Associate Deans, Department Chairpersons

FROM: Leslie Schulz, Associate Vice Chancellor

RE: Class Meeting Times

Late last March the Provost implemented a new class scheduling policy aimed at minimizing class conflicts for students and ensuring the best use of campus classroom facilities, especially mediated facilities. Initially it was hoped that this policy would go into effect with the fall, 2002 schedule. Given the time constraints between the creation of the policy and departments’ need to start planning their fall offerings, the implementation was delayed until spring 2003.

In attempting to enforce that policy for the spring 2003 schedule, it became apparent that the original guidelines that were provided to departments were somewhat unclear on a couple of points (e.g. labs/studios, courses of less than 3 credits, “balancing” offerings, etc.) For this reason, I have attached a revised explanation of the guidelines for departments to use in scheduling their fall 2003 classes. Inevitably, there will be some scenarios we have not anticipated, but I hope that the attached guidelines will cover most of the questions that have arisen.

c: John Wanat, Provost and Vice Chancellor
Jon Lenichek, Assistant Director, Enrollment Services
Allen Meier, Enrollment Services