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Classroom Scheduling Proposal

March 29, 2002


TO: Department Chairs

FROM: John Wanat, Provost and Vice Chancellor

RE: Classroom Scheduling

As the result of many months and the work of several groups and committees, we have reached agreement on a new schedule for offering our classes. Several factors indicated that a new schedule was needed. Specifically, the new class schedule responds to:

  1. A shortage of classrooms at certain times of the day
  2. An increase in the number of requests for mediated classrooms
  3. Course conflicts that arise for students because of inconsistencies in start/stop times.
  4. In addition, the new schedule, which will apply to all classes offered on campus, will:

  1. Facilitate additional 2-day class schedules beyond Tuesday/Thursday to Monday/Wednesday

  2. Put in place consistent start times for classes.

The new schedule will take effect in the Spring semester of 2002-03. Only classes adhering to this schedule will be assigned classrooms. The success of the new schedule depends upon everyone’s cooperation. There will be no exceptions allowed.

Thank you for your willingness to implement a new method of classroom scheduling that should be of benefit to our students and the UWM community.

c: Academic Deans
Leslie Schulz, Associate Vice Chancellor
Ruth Williams, Assistant Vice Chancellor
Allen Meier, Classroom Assignments
Jon Lenichek, Enrollment Services