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Budget & Planning
Overview and Request for Unit Proposals

Planning the Milwaukee Idea Phase 2 Budget Request


  1. Based on ADC and APBC discussions, general themes were identified for the Milwaukee Idea Phase 2 (2003-05) budget request and transmitted to UW System (please see the attached document, DIN descriptions from UWS w UWM edits 1april02).
  2. UW- System will be presenting the 2003-05 UWS budget request for Board of Regents approval at the August Board meeting.
  3. We need to provide, by July 17, a more detailed edition of the Milwaukee Idea Phase 2 that includes anticipated utilization of requested resources, position numbers, etc.

Request to Deans

  1. Complete the attached Unit Proposal Summary Form for each major budget initiative you wish to advance and return to Ruth by July 12.
  2. The ADC will discuss the draft request, based on proposals submitted, at its July 16 meeting.
  3. Please note the following additional pieces of information:
    1. Draft Action Plan Areas for Milwaukee Idea Phase 2 (2003-05)

      i.   By July 16, the empty cells will be filled with dollar amounts and numbers of positions, based on your proposals.

      ii.  Assumptions for now (but also for discussion and modification)

      1. We are assuming that the MKE Idea Phase 2 will be requested as $3M in 2003-04 and an additional $6M in 2004-05.

      2. 25% (or $2.25M) of the $9M request will be reserved, again, for infrastructure

      3. The dollar amounts in the Draft action plan are totally arbitrary at this point and are included only to give some perspective on the total dollars available across all of the categories now on the table.

    2. 4. The Action Area categories still accurately describe our intended initiatives.? Please note that included as an Action Area category is the Milwaukee Idea.? Lead deans should consider as part of their requests funding for Milwaukee first and second ideas either in this Action Area category or as appropriate within other Action Areas.

    3. The Milwaukee Idea Phase 2 is a continuation of Phase 1.? The attached table (UWM Milwaukee Idea budget table 26june02) provides a summary of where we are in allocating anticipated funding of the Milwaukee Idea Phase 1 (2001-03).? It also illustrates that we need to be planning how we will prioritize any unallocated Phase 1 dollars (column ?E? in the table) and how we will structure our request for the remainder of the Phase 1 dollars requested (column ?F? in the table).


Unit Proposal Summary Form for the Milwaukee Idea Phase 2 (2003-05) Request .pdf

Draft Action Plan Areas for Milwaukee Idea Phase 2 (2003-05) .pdf

DIN descriptions from UWS w UWM edits 1april02 .pdf

UWM Milwaukee Idea budget table 26june02 .pdf