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ARCHIVE: Budget & Planning: Technology

Charter: Council on Information Technology

Primary Focus:
Provide direction and executive oversight for the information technology (IT) environment at UWM. Establish university policy, prioritize needs and opportunities, make decisions when required and lead campus strategic planning for IT.

Key Tasks:

  • Establish campus policies related to the IT environment
  • Review and refine IT policies as required
  • Establish goals, expected results and assessment metrics related to IT
  • Review and assess progress and operational effectiveness
  • Establish campus wide IT planning process and review cycle
  • Review and approve campus IT plan
  • Establish priorities and funding sources for campus wide initiatives
  • Review and refine priorities and funding as required

Support Structures:
The Council on Information Technology (CIT) will typically rely upon input from three advisory committees to provide the basis for their deliberations. However, additional information from any source deemed reasonable by the CIT may be introduced and considered. The CIT will typically rely upon the UWM Chief Information Officer (CIO) to coordinate the flow of information between and among IT committees, assemble regular meeting agendas and prepare special briefing materials as required.