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Budget & Planning

Unit Budget Proposals

Architecture and Urban Planning
SARUP Energy2 proposal
SARUP proposal neighborhood revitalization
SARUP proposal Smart transportation
SARUP Safety and security proposal
SARUP Teacherprep proposal

PSOA DIVAS combined
PSOA IPAC Proposal combined

(Detailed proposals)

PSOA 1 Digital Artist Animator
PSOA 2 Digital Music Comp
PSOA 3 graphic design
PSOA 4 Sound designer
PSOA 5 Interactive web designer
PSOA 6 Digital Video Artist
PSOA 7 Graphic imagist
PSOA 8 Interdisciplinary Foundations
PSOA 9 3D digital artist
PSOA staff 1 Digital video technician
PSOA staff 2 Electronic music technician

PSOA 1B Choreographer
PSOA 2B Musician
PSOA 3B drummer
PSOA 4B Storyteller
PSOA staff 3 Multimedia technician

SBA Dual bachelor’s degree in technology and business
SBA Energy Institute GPR Proposal
SBA Entrepreneurship Proposal
SBA Financial Modeling Proposal
SBA Workplace Diversity Center GPR proposal
SBA New and expanded programs
SBA International proposal

Continuing Education
SCE Degree Completion Proposal
SCE CyberSecurity Proposal
SCE Cyber Law Proposal
SCE Youth and Family Energy Education Proposal
SCE Business Health Care proposal

SOE MPA_ Milw Idea Phase 2
SOE Milw Idea Phase 2

CEAS Energy Institute Proposal
CEAS ERC Proposal
CEAS Advanced Medical Imaging
CEAS Nanotechnology Proposal
CEAS MSBiomedical Proposal
CEAS CyberSecurity Proposal
CEAS MEDistance Proposal
CEAS HPCC Proposal

Health Sciences
CHS Budget Request

(Includes proposals for health care worker shortage, urban health partnerships, technology applications, and expansion of healthy choices and age and community.)

Information Studies

(Includes eMLIS; expanding community partnerships through the BS in information resources; MS in information resources)

Letters and Science
L&S Phase 2 Proposals

(Includes evening and weekend degree programs; foreign language MA for public school teachers; University Research Opportunity Project; on-line MA in communication; mathematics for k-12 teachers; preparing Wisconsin’s science teachers; academy of scholars pre-health program; institute of environmental health zebrafish genomics; biotechnology; neurosciences; freshwater initiative; LIGO; MA in women’s studies; MA in broadfield social science; center for metropolitan working families)

SON Nurse Educator Proposal 1
SON Nursing Demand Proposal 2
SON Diverse Nurses Proposal 3
SON Urban health Part Proposal 4
SON techWork Force Proposal 5

Social Welfare
HBSW A&C 03-05 Proposal
HBSW CJ Unit Proposal
HBSW HC Proposal

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