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October 3, 1997 Memorandum on
Annual Resource Plans & PAR Process


TO:       Deans and Division Heads

FROM: Kenneth L. Watters
              Provost and Vice Chancellor

RE:       Annual Resource Plans and the Program Array Review Process

As described in my August 26 memorandum to you, academic units will be engaged this year in the parallel processes of annual resource planning and the comprehensive review of UWM’s program array. Institutional Research has now completed the data reports for both of these processes and the faculty Academic Planning and Budget Committee has clarified guidelines for the preparation of program reports for the program array review. The purpose of this memorandum is to complete the guidelines for these processes, clarify time lines, and describe the data sets you will be receiving from Institutional Research.


1. Guidelines were distributed August 26 for deans and division heads. In general, each unit’s annual planning document should include assessments of plans and progress relative to the campus and unit strategic plans and the unit’s resource management strategies. Because academic departments will be engaged in preparing reports for the program array review, I am not requiring departmental resource planning documents. Deans, however, may wish to ask departments in their units to contribute to the unit’s annual report.

2. A supplement to the August 26 guidelines, distributed September 23, includes the forms for preliminary equipment, facilities, and technology applications and space requests to be submitted with the annual resource planning document.

3. Each dean and division head will receive the planning profile data set for that unit. These data are provided to assist unit and campus planners in assessing progress in attaining campus and unit goals.

4. You will note that most of the planning data is annualized, reflecting that, beginning in 1998-99, summer budgets will be part of the annual unit budget. Annualizing of the budget will provide greater flexibility to deans in planning academic programs over the year. It is expected that summer session expenditures will follow historical patterns and that courses which have been needed by students in summer sessions will be maintained. If you anticipate changes in these patterns, you should prepare to discuss this at your planning meeting. You were notified of your summer budget increment to your annual budget and your annual enrollment target for 1997-98 in a memorandum with attachments distributed August 26.

5. Units in academic affairs will submit annual planning documents to the Provost’s office by December 5, 1997. Division planning documents for Student Affairs, Administrative Affairs and University Relations should be submitted to the Chancellor by February 2. The Provost’s Resource Planning Document will be completed by February 27, 1998. While copies of all planning documents will be available in the Golda Meir Library, I suggest that deans and unit heads distribute, electronically if possible, their annual reports and plans to their unit personnel at the same time they are submitted to campus administration.

6. If you have questions or need additional copies of guidelines, please contact Assistant Vice Chancellor Ruth Williams (rew@csd;x6175) or refer to the Academic Affairs Web site.


1. The guidelines for the program array review report, along with the list of programs for which reports are expected, are attached. Each dean will work with department chairs and program coordinators to assign responsibility for the program reports.

2. Institutional Research has prepared a subset of the planning profile data specific to those data elements described in the faculty-approved program array review process. Deans will receive a full set of their unit’s program array data to divide and distribute as appropriate to departments and programs preparing program reports. Each dean will also receive a second set of program array data for all campus academic programs to be made available in the dean’s office for reference purposes.

3. The program array review process does not call formally for deans’ reports in addition to program reports. However, deans are encouraged to work with their programs in reviewing and interpreting the program data and reviewing and making suggestions for program reports.

4. All program reports are to be turned in to the dean prior to submission to my office. My deadline for submission is December 5, and I have suggested that programs submit reports to the dean’s office no later than November 21. Please feel free to modify the date of submission to your office to fit your review plans.


cc: John H Schroeder, Chancellor
Ruth Williams, Assistant Vice Chancellor
Academic Planning and Budget Committee