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Student Learning Assessment at UWM

UWM is currently engaged in two undergraduate education initiatives: a) a reform of the general education component and b) implementation of a systematic process for assessment of student learning. Together, these two initiatives, connected at multiple levels with overlapping goals and action steps, constitute a major effort on the part of the institution to improve the quality of undergraduate learning leading to a coherent learning experience for all undergraduate students.

At the heart of our efforts is a restructuring of the undergraduate curriculum using the Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs)  ( of the Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) campaign of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) as guiding principles. Learning outcomes for the curriculum, each undergraduate program and student experience is being mapped to the ELOs to provide a framework in which learning assessment at course, program, and institutional levels can be aggregated. A reformed general education component based on the ELOs makes integration of general education with the major easier and more transparent.

UWM has implemented several tools that will enable the documentation of progress on campus in meeting these ambitious goals including WEAVEonline and ActivityInsight.


WEAVEonline ( is a web-based tool that enables UWM’s assessment efforts and provides documentation for accreditation, planning, and quality improvement processes. WEAVEonline defines a step-by-step assessment process beginning with creating a mission/purpose and establishing goals for achieving that mission.  Units are asked to define objectives and outcomes, establish appropriate measures, set achievement targets for each measure, review applicable data, write findings of the assessment results, and establish needs based on current data.  As assessment is a continuous process, the cycle can be repeated each year as UWM refines both goals and measures.

To access the WEAVEonline site for UWM, please see:

If you need access to WEAVEonline please e-mail Dev Venugopalan at


ActivityInsight enables the documentation of teaching, research and service activities by individuals on campus.  The basic template is adaptable to each school/college.  For more information on ActivityInsight, including an interactive demonstration, see

To access the ActivityInsight by Digital Measures site for UWM, see:

If you need access to ActivityInsight by Digital Measures please e-mail Dev Venugopalan at

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