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UWM Black and Gold Committee

UWM Black and Gold Committee Agenda
October 22, 2003, 1:00-3:00 p.m.
BUS N440

1. Review of minutes from the Sept 26 meeting

2. Presentation on myUWM - Laura Pedrick

3. Senior Survey

a) proposed draft
b) school/college surveys of graduating seniors

4. Advising intiatives

a) UWS Task Force on Advising - Patty Cobb
b) Advising session feedback survey - Jennie Goran
c) Coordinating our focus on advising in 2003-04

5. Update from Action Teams

a) Textbook Rental
b) PantherProf
c) Student Success Center
d) Spirit Commission
e) Instructional Strategies

6. Featured school/college/divisional Black and Gold updates

a) College of Health Sciences
b) Division of Student Affairs

7. Student participation in Black and Gold activities/committees

8. Black and Gold forums