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UWM Black and Gold Committee
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UWM Black and Gold Committee

UWM Black and Gold Committee
March 27, 2003
1:00 – 2:30 PM
Chapman Hall Regents Room

1. Updates on school/college/division committees (1:00 – 1:25)

a. School of Architecture and Urban Planning
b. College of Engineering and Applied Science

2. Discussion of topics of interest for future meetings (1:25 – 1:30)

3. Preliminary updates from Action Teams (1:30 – 1:45)

a. Textbook rentals
b. Student Success Center
c. Spirit Commission
d. Instructional Strategies
e. Common Course Evaluation

4. Action teams gather to: (1:45 – 2:10)

a. Prepare general invitation for student/faculty/staff participation

(1) Short statement on action team’s goals
(2) Meeting schedule (through May)
(3) Contact Person

b. Prepare list of special persons who will be invited to participate
c. Develop suggestions for ways to communicate invitations

5. Action team reports on above. Our goal is to rise from this meeting with a plan to communicate with the campus about all action teams and invite participants. (2:10 – 2:30)