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UWM Black and Gold Committee
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UWM Black and Gold Committee

UWM Black and Gold Committee
Wednesday, April 7, 2004
1:00 PM
Regents Room, Chapman Hall



1. Annual Report - please look over the attached draft and advise regarding changes.

2. Input on budget proposals. You'll recall that the Provost has invited advice from the members of the UWM Black and Gold Committee regarding those proposals recently submitted for funding in 2003-04 that align with the goals of the Black and Gold initiatives. In preparation for our discussion on Wednesday, all UWM Black and Gold Committee members are asked to review the proposals listed on the attached spreadsheet with the # symbol in the first column. To access these proposals on line, go the the following url:

Note that these are posted on the UWM intranet. If you access these from home through UWM, you'll be fine, but not if you come through another internet service.

Please come to the meeting with your suggestions regarding those Black and Gold aligned proposals that are most compelling for funding. The Steering Committee will compile the suggestions of the Black and Gold membership and pass them along to the provost.

3. If there is time, we would like to get your suggestions for agenda items and general formats for meetings for next year.