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UWM Black and Gold Committee

UWM Black and Gold Committee Agenda
September 26, 2003 9:30 – 11:00
Chapman Hall Regents Room

1. Introductions
2. Common Goals – Suggestions

a. Student Surveys

1. Role of B&G Committees

Create, commission, share and report back institutional/unit responses (feedback loop)

2. Campus-level surveys – update

CIRP – administered in August; report in November
NSSE and FSSE to be administered in spring, 2004
Senior Survey:

Updating on-line survey for 2004
Report on campus-level results in 2003 (attached)
Charge to unit B&G committees to report 2003 survey results and report back unit-level responses and action plans

3. Unit surveys – part of B&G committees’ annual report
4. Need for survey team at campus level – help design and interpret – need in place soon for updating the 2004 senior survey

b. Report Cards

1. SBA example
2. Model for all units and campus?

c. Course evaluations – can the unit B&G committee play a role?

d. Advising – should this be a common area of focus?

e. Other suggestions

3. Updating committee membership and websites

a. representation on UWM Black and Gold Committee
b. recruitment of new members, especially students

4. Updates from campus-wide action teams

a. Student Success Center (final report attached)
b. “PantherProf”
c. Textbook Rentals
d. Spirit Commission
e. Instructional Strategies

5. Update on presentation on Generation X and Generation Y Students

6. Summary discussion on 2003-04 Common Black and Gold Committee Goals

August 18, 2003 steering committee meeting notes;
Summary report on the 2003 Graduating Senior Survey (for discussion at 9/26 meeting);
Final report of the Student Success Center action team (pdf) (for discussion at 9/26 meeting)