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UWM B&G Steering/Infrastructure Committee
Wednesday, February 4, 2004
1:00 – 2:30 p.m.

Present: R. Williams, M. Roggeman, A. Duncan, T. O’Bryan, A. Snyder, A. Troiano, L. Anderson-Courtney, J. Goran, K. Brondino, D. Miller

1. Updates deans presented at Feb 3 meeting of ADC
R. Williams distributed copies of the updates from deans presented at the ADC meeting. Notes from L&S—they have 3 focus areas: 1) assessment of advising in which they are working on using the Engineering assessment device, 2) freshmen on probation, and 3) career advising. K. Brondino handed out the update from CHS.

2. Update from action teams
Advising: P. Cobb is attending a national conference on this in Miami. They expect to have a brochure done by the end of the semester. The training and development subcommittee is currently meeting.

3. "Life" of action teams
a. Who will recommendations go to?
b. Preparations and expectations for forums
Forums will be one hour—the first half hour for presentation of findings/facts/actions and the second half for questions and answers, etc.
Advertising for forums: SA is co-sponsoring with B&G. Mary R. has a meeting on 2/5 about this. There will probably be a big banner in the Union in addition to other forms of advertising. J. Goran suggested that perhaps there could be a banner or flyer that could be posted in all the buildings, not just the Union since their students don’t utilize the Union very often.
PantherProf: The survey has been narrowed to closer to 17 questions. They will have a sample questionnaire ready for the forum. They are discussing the logistics of when would be the best time for the questionnaire to be done.

4. Review of draft survey of faculty from textbook rental group (distributed at last meeting of the UWM Black and Gold Committee)
A discussion was held and further suggestions made on the content of the tri-fold brochure. A. Troiano will bring a new draft to the B&G meeting on 2/13. The Textbook Rental action teams will present a report of their findings and different rental options at their forum on March 10th.

5. UWM Black and Gold Committee role in advising Provost on allocations for Black and Gold/Retention/Enrollment initiatives

6. Enrollment Management Planning/Retention
Several working groups have been formed related to enrollment management planning/retention and will be meeting over the next month to make recommendations.

7. Video presentations from First Year Experience group
R. Williams reminded the group that B&G will be sponsoring a series of 4 teleconferences offered by the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition. The teleconferences will be offered in Business S250. She has had a good response for volunteers to facilitate the teleconferences. However, volunteers are still needed for the first teleconference on Promoting the Public Good: Fulfilling Higher Education’s Civic Mission.

R. Williams announced that UWM is again participating in the NSSE. Students should be getting email messages in February. 1000 freshmen and seniors will be randomly selected to take this survey. The FSSE, which is a faculty survey, will be sent to everyone on campus who teaches in March. These are both web-based surveys. FSSE responses should be based on one course the person teaches.