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Chancellor's Council on Inclusion

Chancellor’s Council on Inclusion
December 6, 2006
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Rita Cheng
Larry Martin
Jasmin Alinder
Pamela Barnes
Kim Beck
Simone Conceição
Jim Hill
Gregory Jay
Antwan Jones
Phyllis King
Yves LaPierre
Erika Sander
Stan Stojkovic
Dev Venugopalan
Patricia Villarreal
Gary Williams

Guests: Pam Clark, Jan Ford, Leonard White, Beth Weckmueller, Ruth Russell, Ruth Williams, Jane Hojan-Clark, Doug Harder

Wednesday, December 6, 2006
Regents Room – Chapman Hall 2nd Floor
Facilitator: Rita Cheng

I. Welcome and Introductions - Provost Cheng

  • Provost Cheng welcomed everyone and asked for introductions
  • Chancellor Santiago was introduced.

II. Chancellor’s Message – Chancellor Santiago

  • Chancellor Santiago expressed his appreciation for the work of the Council, and encouraged all members to continue to discuss important issues and strategies to improve campus climate, as well as the retention of a diverse and talented group of students, faculty, and staff.

III. Thought question: Provost Cheng

  • Provost Cheng introduced staff from the offices of Recruitment and Outreach, Enrollment Services, and Multicultural Student Services. A short presentation by the staff on campus recruitment activities took place. Several handouts prepared from the Provost’s Enrollment Management Team and the Equity Scorecard Team provided background information to address the thought question:

Where are we in our mission to secure a diversified student population, and what are ideas that may be helpful to include in our tool kit?

The group engaged in a lengthy discussion regarding strategies to involve the broader university community in recruitment and outreach activities. Ideas generated included:

  1. Community engagement to advocate for UWM
  2. Contacts with teachers and school governance board members
  3. Connecting to community networks, ministries, and churches
  4. Personal contacts
  5. Participating in workshops on college

The group agreed that the discussion was very useful for both the Council members and the staff engaged in recruitment and admission for the campus. The group agreed to continue open discussions on this important and complex issue at future meetings.

At the end of the discussion, a member of the Council asked for a similar discussion focused on retention at a future meeting.

IV. Wrap Up/Summary of action items

  • Next Council meeting date will be scheduled during Spring semester