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Chancellor's Council on Inclusion


Chancellor’s Council on Inclusion
April 4, 2007
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Carlos Santiago
Rita Cheng
Larry Martin
Joan Prince
Jasmine Alinder
Pamela Barnes
Pamela Clark
Simone Conceição
Laura Drake
Nancy Frank
Gregory Jay
Phyllis King
Jennifer Murray
Sergio Piceno
Ruth Russell
Erika Sander
Hanh Quang Trinh
Patricia Villarreal
Gwyn Wallander


Wednesday, April 4, 2007
The Regents Room – Chapman Hall
Facilitator: Dr. Larry Martin


Welcome and Logistics - Dr. Joan Prince

  • Dr. Prince welcomed everyone and asked for introductions.
  • Approval of the minutes (February 7, 2007)
    • Dr. Prince asked if any one had any changes/corrections to the minutes from February 7, 2007 meeting
      • Please add Chancellor Santiago - he was in attendance at the February meeting
  • Retreat for Fall discussion
  • Dr. Prince asked if members would be interested in doing a retreat prior to the 2007 Fall semester. Looking at a possible date in August 2007.

Chancellor's Comments - Dr. Carlos Santiago

  • Chancellor Santiago discussed the initiatives UWM is putting forth in the remainder of the 2007 academic year.
    • Research at UWM
      • Goal is to increase (grow) research programs at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The message is beginning to be heard at the state (legislative) level. State funding is essential for UWM's entry into accomplishing our research goals. $10-$12 million is our target request.
    • Educational Initiatives – recruitment/retention
      • UWM will re-double its efforts to work with our technical college, community organizations, and others to recruit a diverse population of students, a diverse faculty, and a diverse staff. We are not where we should be, and we will continue to put forth effort to reach our goals.
      • UWM is committed to assisting all of our students in their educational quest to succeed. We have set aside housing for Milwaukee students, promoted communities of learning and learning circles to assist in recruiting and retaining students.
      • UWM will continue its grass roots efforts in securing students to consider college educational study at UWM and UWM will support them in their efforts to succeed towards graduation.
      • UWM Ombuds Council - Very happy to announce the Ombuds group is taking shape and will begin in Fall of this year. Dr. Prince is chairing the council for the Chancellor, and will keep this Council updated as to its progress.
      • UWM Satellite offices – monitoring whether or not this initiative is increasing visibility, and will adjust accordingly
      • UWM Academic Health Center – working to secure land at the Aurora Sinai site, as well as directly across the freeway for a potential site for the School of Public Health (programming will be crucial in recruiting and retaining a diverse health care workforce – a workforce that UWM will be in the forefront of training)
      • Engineering campus - planning is moving forward to locate our College of Engineering at the Wauwatosa site

The Chancellor urged this Council to continue to provide him with advice regarding recruiting and retaining a diverse campus family. He depends on us to keep him informed and advised of climate needs. Because of the council's recommendation, he has provided funding for the Ombuds initiative, and is eager to hear more recommendations regarding like issues.


L. Martin -Q. The doctoral program in Urban Education has the largest number of Ph.D. students of color on UWM campus. The A.O.P. fellowship/scholarship appears the numbers awarded are deceasing among students of color. Last year (2006) – 5 awarded and this year (2007) only 1 was awarded. This is partly due to changes in the guidelines resulting from the Michigan case; first generation student; what if any, help is out there to help these students succeed (obtain their doctorate) here at UWM.

C. Santiago - A: There is a general lack of funding across the graduate school programs. Our efforts through the UWM campaign – have raised $90 million and of that $25 million will be used towards scholarships. Perhaps the second phrase of the campaign should concentrate solely on scholarships to help.

Perhaps the question should be what to do next...
  • UWM needs to raise more money
  • If research dollars grow, then we can take the overflow and apply it to help graduate students.

E. Sander– Q. With the pending St. Mary’s Columbia merger with Froedtert – how will that affect UWM’s currents plans for programs with Clinical Health Sciences (Aurora Sinai) and Engineering (Wauwatosa).

C. Santiago - A: The impact will potentially be a minor hit; support for UWM to be a multi-campus site is strong in the business and health community.

Academic Affairs - Update - Dr. Rita Cheng

Associate Vice Chancellor – Diversity Climate

  • The search continues - A number of resumes have been received
  • There is a good pool of candidates

Equity Scorecard

  • This topic is on the agenda of the next Board of Regents meeting - additional information is on the UWM Provost website

Campus Climate Survey

  • The plan is to have this survey take place next year 2008. There are some funding issues to resolve prior to doing this survey

Requested Agenda Items

E. Sander - Domestic Partners Benefits

  • Joint finance committee will meet - efforts to contact key state representatives: P. Colon, L. Taylor & R. Darling are in the works. Talking point sheets will be provided to those who are interested in helping in this effort

J. Alinder - - March on Milwaukee

  • Distributed brochures to the council regarding information the 40th anniversary – March on Milwaukee event. There will be a conference held in September 2007 here on the UWM campus in conjunction with this event - more information can be obtain at

G. Jay - National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education

  • Conference will be held in San Francisco, CA in May 2007 - 8-9 presenters from UWM will be presenting at this conference - more information can be obtained at

Sergio Piceno - Funding of the diversity centers on campus, (i.e. CVSL, LINKS, LGBT) – these centers are losing their funding in 2008 - how will UWM address this, especially since these centers provide crucial services to students

  • J. Prince – the council was informed of this; the new Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Dr. Helen Mamarchev and Dean of Students, Jim Hill will talk to the UWM Student Assn and Sergio regarding this
  • Chancellor Santiago – appeals processes are taking place

Presentation and Item Discussion

The culmination of our student success discussions from the past two COI agendas will focus on today’s Student Success panel. A panel of our students will present regarding their view on student life and success at UWM. COI members are asked to be ready to pose questions and secure ideas/suggestions for a successful student experience)

Main themes that came from the panel (six students) and discussion:

UWM Service and Resources

  • U-park is great!
  • Marketing/promoting UWM services to reach the (student) masses is a factor; must be effective in order for students to know what services and resources are on campus/off-campus

Campus life - on and off campus

  • Isolation can be a problem for some students

Support Network - it's important!!!!!!!

  • UWM services/resources
  • Finding people (students) who have similar issues helpful – can help students help each other
  • The understanding and support of family and friends is important
  • Counseling / mentor services important

The UWM system

  • Knowing the in’s and out’s and understanding how the system works is critical to student’s success


  • Prioritizing
  • How much of the responsibility is the student or UWM?


  • having a job to help pay for college expenses is very important
  • UWM can provide help employment information

Wrap Up/Summary of action items

  • Next Council meeting will be in the Fall. We will work over the summer to “tone up” our agenda and process. We are moving to more of a “specific topic” format where the members are tapped for their expertise and knowledge regarding certain topic areas. This information will be relayed to the Chancellor after each meeting.
  • Please refer to the web site for agenda/minutes for the Fall meeting.
  • We will work on a schedule to rotate members on the council.