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UWM ADA Advisory Committee

(proposed revisions [in bold font below], 9 August 2006)

I. Committee Charge:

A. General Intent: To assist the university in: (1) continuing to develop a campus that is universally accessible and (2) overseeing ongoing compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, by acting as an advisory body to the Chancellor and the ADA Coordinator.

B. Functions:

(1) To develop and recommend within the campus governance and administrative structures, policies pertaining to campus compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability laws.

(2) To lend influence and support to the efforts toward ongoing campus-wide education about disabilities and universal access; and, to help in maintaining a continuing awareness, at all levels throughout the university, of legal obligations regarding disability issues.

(3) To assist in making final decisions about whether an accommodation represents an undue burden or a fundamental alteration, decisions for which the university will be held legally liable.

(4) To respond to student appeals of accommodation decisions by the Student Accessibility Center; the committee Chair will designate a hearing committee made up of three committee members Appeal Procedures for Students with Disabilities).

(5) To assist in overseeing the UWM Policy on Responsibility for Funding of Reasonable Accommodation.

II. The Committee Membership:

Members shall come from the UWM faculty, staff, and student body and shall be appointed according to their expertise, interest, or experience with individuals and/or groups concerned with disabilities. In addition to those requirements, having a disability could qualify someone for membership. Terms of service are for up to three years. The committee will be composed of members from the following groups:

2 – Academic Staff (appointed by the Academic Staff Committee; 1 must represent the Academic Staff Committee)
2 – Faculty (appointed by the University Committee; 1 must represent the University Committee)
2 – Classified Staff (recommended & appointed by the committee)
1 – Representative of a Community Based Organization (appointed by the committee)
2 – Students with Disabilities, 1 undergraduate and 1 graduate student (recommended by the Student Accessibility Center & appointed by the committee).

Any/all of the following individuals will serve ex-officio:

1 – Dean of Students Office
1 – ADA Coordinator
1 – Individual from a UWM Department with facilities responsibilities
1 – Director of the Norris Health Center
1 – Director of the Student Accessibility Center
1 – Director of Environmental Health, Safety, Risk Management
1 – Director of Equity/Diversity Services
1 – Director of Information & Media Technologies (or designee)
1 – Director of the Meir Libraries (or designee)
1 – Director of the Learning Technology Center (or designee)

In addition, colleagues with interest in and expertise regarding individuals with disabilities also attend meetings (eg Student Accessibility Center & Equity/Diversity Services Staff).