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Diversity & Climate

Diversity Fellows Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Fellows teach courses or classes in a specific area /discipline?

Applications to teach in any of the disciplines represented on campus are welcomed.

When will the Fellows be on campus?

Fellows will teach/engage in research during the UWM Summer Session (May 29-July 7, 2011). During this session, a variety of classes are offered with lengths varying from 4-8 weeks. For specific scheduling information, please visit the UWM web site directory and click on the academic calendar link.

Will Fellows teach an existing course or new course?

Fellows may teach a course that is traditionally taught during the summer, however, one of the goals of the DFP is to broaden the curricular offerings provided during the summer. Ultimately, the academic department in consultation with the Fellow will make the determination.

Is there the opportunity to teach for a longer period of time?

If there's a "meeting of the minds" between the department and the Fellow, opportunities for a semester or academic year fellowship are possible.

Is there a mentoring component to the DFP?

All participating departments have identified a Faculty mentor to assist the Fellow prior to their arrival and during their stay on campus to help with syllabus development, book orders and general advice, as appropriate. Additionally, Fellows will be provided with an office, computer and library access.

What's the selection criteria for the DFP?

A variety of factors will be taken into consideration including but not limited to:

  • Evidence of superior academic achievement/potential
  • Division/Department enrollment trends/expected faculty attrition
  • Degree of underutilization in the academic unit/division

When will applicant be informed of their status?

Applicants will be informed of their status by the end of December 2010.

What should be included in the letter of application?

The letter of application should include: a statement of the applicant's research interests, prior teaching experience, their commitment to diversity and how their participation in the DFP would enhance the Program. See the Fellows Application Checklist at:

What are the responsibilities of the Fellows?

In addition to teaching one course, the Fellows will give a presentation discussing their area of research.

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