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Diversity & Climate

Task Force on Race and Ethnicity: Work Groups

Campus Survey

1. Mary Andres
2. Yvonne Bode
3. Margaret Duncan
4. Linda Huang
5. Jack Johnson (Co-Chair)
6. Anthony Lemelle
7. Larry Martin (Co-Chair)
8. Patrick McKay
9. Joan Prince
10. Kristine Raymond

Exit Survey

1. Jerry Baldwin
2. Beverly Cross
3. Joyce Kirk
4. Gwat Lie (Co-Chair)
5. Gary Williams (Co-Chair)
6. Julie Kailin

Faculty Hearing

1. Cheryl Ajirotutu (Co-Chair)
2. Jacques Du Plessis
3. Ron Perez (Co-Chair)
4. Kalyani Rai

Academic Staff Hearing

1. Johanna Dvorak
2. Enrique Figueroa (Co-Chair)
3. Patricia Goeman
4. Charu Malik
5. Kristine Raymond
6. Sara Tully
7. Wendy Volz Daniels
8. Corliss Wood (Co-Chair)

Classified Staff Hearing

1. Todd Biedermann (Co-Chair)
2. Angela Ewing (Co-Chair)
3. Larry Kahn
4. Ruth Russell