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Diversity & Climate

Implementation Team Report

Recruitment and Professional Development

The overall goal of the Recruitment, Retention, and Professional Development Implementation Team of the Task Force on the Climate for Women is to ensure that recommendations made by the Task Force regarding the recruitment, retention, professional development, and promotion of women faculty, staff, and students on the UWM campus are executed.

To that end, one of the first things that the Implementation Team undertook was a review and evaluation of recruitment, retention, development, and promotion policies, procedures, and practices on this campus.

To date, our review and evaluation process (which began in early July 2002) has revealed that UWM is NOT lacking sufficient and sound policies and procedures in the areas of recruitment, retention, development, and promotion of women at UWM. Unfortunately, our review also has revealed that "practice" does not necessarily follow policy on this campus. In fact, at this point in our review process, there is a sense among team members that "practice" on this campus frequently is based on "political efficacy" rather than on policy. Furthermore, there is a sense among team members that a "culture" of institutionalized apathy regarding misuses of policy prevails on our campus.

While the Recruitment/Retention Implementation Team will recommend some specific changes to existing recruitment, retention, development, and promotion policies and procedures, we acknowledge that many (if not most) of the misuses of policy, and problems related to "practice" which have been uncovered, are the result of accountability insufficiencies rather than policy insufficiencies. Thus, the Recruitment/Retention Implementation Team is working closely with the Accountability Implementation Team to develop appropriate resolutions which will ensure that accountability is "written into” all practices related to policies at UWM.

Our Team's review and evaluation process also has revealed that, in addition to accountability, "lack of communication" appears to be a key contributing factor to the breach which exists between policy and practice on this campus. Therefore, the first major issue to be addressed by our Team will be the development of a campus-wide communication plan.

Our Team is recommending the development of a comprehensive, multi-tiered, user- friendly communication plan with and through which to disseminate vital information to all campus employees. The Team envisions a communication plan, which will address the particular needs of all employment categories (i.e., classified staff, non-classified staff, faculty, teaching academic staff, non- teaching academic staff, full-time employees, limited-term employees, part-time employees, etc.), as well as the particular needs of prospective employees and new employees.

The goals of the Communication Plan, as envisioned by the Recruitment/Retention Implementation Team will be to:

  • Streamline the campus bureaucracy;

  • Make vital campus information accessible to all;

  • Provide an effective and important means through which to "orient" all campus employees to the UWM "culture" and, thus, empower all campus employees;

  • Contribute to the standardization of policies, procedures, and practices across units throughout the campus, and improve accountability;

  • Address all information needs throughout the employment cycle (i.e., from beginning to end – or, from recruitment through retirement).

A significant component of the communication plan will be the revision of a number of existing documents/manuals, which the Team is recommending should be incorporated into a single document or a set of documents which would be disseminated to all current employees and, in the future, to all prospective employees (as part of a pre-employment package) and all new employees (as part of their employment package). This document and/or set of documents would include UWM's Domestic Violence Policy, Flex Time Policy, Family Leave Policy, ADA Policy, LTE and PA Policies, etc.

Contact: Kathy Miller-Dillon,, 229-5382