UWM's digital future

Request for Proposals -- Envisioning UWM's Digital Future
2nd Round of Funding


The Provost's Office announces a second round request for proposals to inform UWM's Digital Future planning process. This campus conversation centers on emerging technologies and their impact on the University. The potential for change inherent in emerging technologies is both a challenge and an opportunity for higher education in general and for UWM in particular.  UWM's Digital Future planning process is yielding a strategic vision for UWM as a 21st century institution.


Research Project Description

Proposals may be submitted on topics related to the impact of technology on higher education, including issues such as, but not limited to the adaptability of the organization in adjusting to technological innovation; ethical issues related to new technologies; best practices in utilizing new technologies in administration and student services; the impact of digitization on how we conduct research; or how digitization is altering teaching and learning (including developments in online and blended instruction; the 'consumerization' of the learning experience; the development of personalized learning systems, increasing use of simulation technologies, etc.).


Priority will be given to:


  1.     1. Projects that focus on best digital practices in teaching, research, student services and/or university -- operations either at UWM or at other universities; and
  2.     2. Projects that align with the themes emerging from the Digital Future Working Groups, which are below.
    1.     a. Teaching and Learning: teaching and learning environment, teaching resources, collaboration, curriculum, access, training and support; and infrastructure;
    2.     b. Research: organization and sharing of data, infrastructure, faculty and academic concerns, and collaborations and partnerships;
    3.     c. University Operations and Services: students, work environment, access, paperless, standards, change, constraints, environment, learning, and community.


Both original research and the systematic review/analysis of existing research can be funded through this program, and both individual and collaborative proposals will be accepted.


Proposal content
Proposals should include the following components: 1) A narrative describing and explaining the purpose of the project; 2) rationale; 3) research plan and methodology; 4) anticipated deliverables; and 5) proposed project budget.


Award amounts
A total of $40,000 has been committed to this project. The maximum per award is $10,000.  

Project Time Line
Research must be completed by August 15, 2012, and a final report on the project must be submitted to the Provost?s Office on that date.  


Project Evaluation
Proposals will be evaluated on applicability to UWM's Digital Future planning process, achievability within the short time frame of the grant period, and criticality to the University?s future development. The successful applicants will be notified directly and the results will be posted on http://www4.uwm.edu/acad_aff/digitalfuture/ on Monday, January 30, 2012.


Eligibility and Application Process

All UWM faculty and staff are eligible to apply. Proposals should address all the elements described in the "Proposal Content" section above and submitted via email, along with a 2-Page CV, to Laura Pedrick (lpedrick@uwm.edu).  The submission deadline is 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, November 30, 2011.   




Download Request For Proposal in Word Format