UWM's digital future

Projects Selected for Funding -- 2nd Round --Envisioning UWM's Digital Future


The projects selected for funding as part of the 2nd round of UWM's Digital Future RFP are:

1) Jewelry & Metalsmithing CAD/CAM
Frankie Flood
Creation of a Digital Craft Research lab providing students and researchers with access to new Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) technology called Rapid Prototyping, which is the automated creation of a 3D model.

2) Preparing for a Usable Digital Future (Useability Testing)

Thomas Hruby, Rachel Spilka, Josh Ebert and Jennifer Watston
Build an on-campus usability testing facility that can improve the effectiveness of texts and technologies at UWM by analyzing actual user experiences.

3) Leveraging Activity Reporting
Robert Beck, David Stack and Rachel Schiffman
Development of a mechanism for quickly and easily developing lists of publications that can be uploaded into Digital Measures.

4) Mobile Apps for Teaching & Learning
Jude Rathburn
Discover innovative ways to harness the power of mobile technologies to enhance student motivation, engagement, and learning.

5) Teaching Digital History
Jasmine Alinder, Jeffrey Hawkins and Merry Wiesner-Hanks
Bring a series of consultants to campus to advise on how best to teach digital history and develop a course in digital history.

6) LTC "Unconference"
Dylan Barth, Tanya Joosten, Matthew Russell and Sharon Stoerger
Host an inexpensive, informal, participant-driven conversation to address new ideas.

7) Digital-Manual Joints in Architecture
Karl Wallick
Purchase of digital fabrication equipment for use within the foundation design architecture curriculum, impacting themes of teaching, research, and university service.


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