UWM's digital future

Projects Selected for Funding -- 3nd Round --Envisioning UWM's Digital Future


The projects selected for funding as part of the 3nd round of UWM's Digital Future RFP are:

1) Digital Drawing Lab
Stephen Pevnick

2) Encyclopedia of Milwaukee Project: Promotional Site for the Digital Encyclopedia

Margo Anderson, Amanda Seligman, and Ching-tzu Chien

3) Digital Research in the 21st Century: Teaching Tools and Encouraging Collaboration
Richard Grusin and Mary Mullen

4) Envisioning UWM's Digital Future Grant Proposal: Peck School of the Arts Slide Collection Digitization
Shelleen Greene

5) Clinical Mentoring Using Virtual Learning Communities: A Pilot Project in Physical Therapy Education
Kathryn Zalewski

6) Developing a Digital Humanities Visualization Toolkit
Marc Tasman, Jeremy Magnan (graduate student), and Matthew Russell

7) Second Annual Digital Futures Unconference
Tanya Joosten, Dylan Barth, Amy Mangrich and Matthew Russell


See the original Round 3 Request for Proposals